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  1. I had an enjoyable flight from Albany to Providence in the Dash-8 Q400 last night, thanks to some amazing virtual ATC. vPilot worked very well, but I had one issue: I could not adjust the audio volume via my aircraft VHF radio. I set an appropriate volume in Windows and vPilot settings, but I wanted to make it lower during times I needed to "talk" to my virtual FS2Crew first officer. Turning the volume knob had zero effect wither way. In comparison, I keep VHF2tuned to ActiveSky ATIS, and simply turn up the volume knob when I want to hear the ATIS report, and back down when done. The volu
  2. I went forward to 2.1.17, and so far so good. Last time, errors started after I ran PSXseecon and Realtraffic. I've created a backup disk image, and going to test things again today. Thanks! Scott
  3. Sorry for the delay... I verified 2.1.11 was working, then tried going up to 2.1.15 and: no joy - red text, and unhandled exception error. Now I am working on bigger problem - since Win 10 updated, P3D CTD on loading (and ACK was vacillating above and below minimums last night, sigh. Guess I can always load past weather in AS, but would have been more fun with BOS_CTR and ACK both online). Thanks, Scott
  4. No, sorry if I was unclear. I was using Beta 2.1.15 all along. That was the version where I got the errors. Reverting to stable build 2.1.11 stopped the error and exception. Scott
  5. Addendum: The Beta version I am using is 2.1.15. I uninstalled it, and installed 2.1.11. I still get the note about my default aircraft, but no red text and no exception error. At least I can use vPilot, but would be nice to get the BVAI model matching stuff working Thanks! Scott
  6. Initially, I did not. Now I get red text stating "Error updating model matching data: There is an error in XML docomeent (21780, 98). This happens even after uninstall/reinstall. Now on reinstall I get: "The value you had set for your default model was not found during the model scan. It is now set to "Bombardier CRJ 700." I can complete configuration, but on restart I get the red text and the exception error. Help! Scott
  7. Good Day, I am getting an unhandled exception error in vPilot Beta 2.1.13 after I run PSXseecon Traffic. The error continues thereafter (even if PSXseecon Traffic closed, all rebooted, etc), and is only resolved via uninstall/reinstall of vPilot. I am on a Win 10 machine with P3D 4.2x. Also running AS16 and Navigraph charts networked (both work fine). PSXseecon is also on client computer. vPilot is on flighstsim computer. I have current BVAI models installed, and have updated vPilot config as per the instructions, including setting the model rules file. Aircraft is Aerosoft CRJ-7
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