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  1. Thanks for trying anyway. I'm at a complete loss, tried reinstalling it again today but still same issue. Is there a forum for the developers of VPilot or is it just on the Vatsim site do you know?
  2. Done everything there, even tried turning off my entire Protection. This is the only software that isn't working unfotunately. I can get online with everything else and have other 3rd party software connected up also, like ActiveSky and EFB and Chase Plane. Please forum, you're my only hope 😉
  3. Hi I am having a problem trying to connect on to the VATSIM via VPilot. I opened a ticket with VATSIM and suggested I changed my password, which I did. I am running the most up-to-date version of 2.6.7. I have also tried changing the server to all other servers and still get the same error. It was working absolutely fine when I last flew online in July but it seems to have just stopped. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and really stuck on where to go next. Please, can anyone help?
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