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  1. Thank you very much for the help Jamie!
  2. Thanks Jamie. I just sent you a friend request on Discord.
  3. Thanks for the update. It still doesn't work for us and I don't understand why? Everything seems to be configured correctly. If you don't have a cookie set in your browser, or it's the first time you're logging in, it goes to the VATSIM SSO page and acts like it logs in. But when it redirects back to our page nothing has changed. If it's your first time logging in, it creates an account in WordPress with your VATSIM CID as the username, so that part is working at least. But my users with admin access (such as myself if I use the SSO account) don't have admin access. The menus that are h
  4. Hi. I'm the ATM at Salt Lake City ARTCC in VATUSA (ZLC). Tyler Rodick, who posted above, it working with us. We got the plugin installed and it will create/verify an account on our website via SSO, but you cannot tell if you are signed in or not? I don't know if SSO isn't working right or if we somehow need to adjust permissions for the roles we need to have? I'm not a coder at all. I don't even really understand what an API is. I did build the site in WordPress and it is the latest version of WP, but that's about all I know. I'm happy to invite someone into our Discord and share my sc
  5. Actually figured it out myself, but it would be good to leave this topic in case anyone else has this problem.... It's the size of the mouse pointer. If I reset it back to the windows default of 1 the pointer shows up. Stupid thing is, if I move it to size 1, then back to 7 where I had it before, it's fine. So I just had to reset the size
  6. I just installed vStars (and reinstalled it). I've never used it before. I'm having trouble with the mouse pointer. In the menu areas and the RDS and everything outside of the radar portion of the screen it's fine. But when I move it over the radar portion of the screen the pointer turns black and the only way it can be seen is if you hover it over text. Then you can see it. I've ensured my Win10 DPI is normal. I've changed back to the default Windows 10 cursor. I've changed the Win 10 color screen. I've updated my NVidia drivers to the latest version today (It's an RTX 2060 Super).
  7. This morning I connected to USA West in VRC as ANC_NH_APP and primed my frequency. I then started AFV client and it asked to update itself, so I allowed that. Now AFV says it can't find an active connection fo me on VATSIM. I verified that I'm connected to USA West and that my CID and P[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word are correct in both apps. I then tried to connect VRC to the AFVdata server but it couldn't connect.
  8. Looks like I can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to bring up the departure/arrival screen. The auto update button works...it's just half hidden. At least it all works and I can use it.
  9. Thanks. Not really sure how I'll deal with it in it's current state. You can't change text size/dpi without logging out of windows and logging back in. I'll see if just changing screen resolution matters but I'm guessing it won't.
  10. You were right. If I set my text to smaller it works fine. But that text is way too small for me.
  11. My text is set at medium. Thought it was larger but I guess not.
  12. I'm reasonably sure I do. I am visually impaired and need all the help I can get.
  13. What resolution is this program designed to run at? I run at 1900x1200 and just realized that there's a whole section of the program missing (Departure/Arrival) and the buttons on the bottom are scrunched up and the auto update button is half hidden. Since there's no full screen option is there any way around this besides changing my resolution?
  14. Filling out forms? VATSIM users don't fill out forms! Well.....it installed and ran.....no problems yet..... Thanks for your support. No comment on the FB stalking......
  15. You're the one apparently supporting the product. And we can do a remote session so no travel would be required. But to allow you to remote into my router I'd need 3 forms of ID, your p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port, your left arm and right pinky toe, and a promise to never again use the internet after you're done.
  16. Yup, I read it. Again, I just don't trust the internet. And I've never been infected with anything with Norton on my computers. Other AV software....different story. I've also never had a VATSIM related software trigger any AV alerts and I've been doing this since 1998. So forgive my skepticism and hesitation. If I install this thing and my computer gets infected you'll come fix it right?
  17. I've always run 2 AV packages. I don't trust the internet. LOL. Both scanners reported WS.Reputation.1 as the infection.
  18. When I try to download vATIS both my virus scanners object and delete the file. Is this just a false positive? Has anyone actually scanned the current download file to ensure it's clean?
  19. I believe that's the site you're referring to Brad. It's the site I've used for years. Does a pretty good job, as long as you know the specs of your box. Also, for all those who are interested, my new machine is finally up and running. I'll post some photos and FSX screenshots along with a lesson painfully learned during the build when I have some time.
  20. Don't know how legit this site is but check it out anyway: http://www.gdiplusdllerrorfix.com/
  21. I've heard of 2 ways to solve this type of problem over the years. 1: Update your video card drivers. If you just did so see if you can roll back to the previous version 2: If nothing else works try loading FS and getting into the cockpit of the default Cessna, then load the payware aircraft you want. I've heard that is a suitable work around.
  22. Right but there are some commands relating to getting planes to fly localizers and ILS approaches and such. There used to be a web page that showed all the different things you could do with ACSim. I have a new trainer that was trying to learn how to use it and I couldn't remember the exact codes.
  23. Where is there a command reference for ACSim? The old page listed above is gone.
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