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  1. *pats himself on the back* Actually I plagiarized most of what I said from something a VATUSA member said on the ZLA forums. Made me look smart! Oh .. heh .. before I submited this I had to go look cause .. I had a suspicion .. and .. I think you know who I plagiarized from!
  2. The important point is that Saturday and Sunday are not "GIVEN" to Hawaii and Alaska. Pilots can fly, and ATC can control any place they like any time they like. Its just that Hawaii and Alaska are encouraged to be online those nights, and us pilots will now have a known time when we can expect to see ATC so we can plan to be there. I like to fly Alaska and I'ld be very happy to know a time when I could usually expect to see ATC online, be it Saturday or not. I doubt other Regions will suddenly be left BARE of traffic on the busiest nights of the year because everyone is off flying the land of the Midnight Sun.
  3. For schedule conflicts .. there is always the Friday Nigth Frenzy ..
  4. I votes to make that Antarctica place the sandbox for all new pilots .. appear, move, slew, or fly anywheres else and ya get booted (with appropriate automated warnings first). Add a few airports here and there, and we're all set up. Real hands on expereince, testing, and training there in Antarctica until ya is certificated.
  5. You forget #11 .. 11. On very rare occasions the developer of X-Plane posts all the x-plane source code on his webserver.
  6. That's newws .. I thought they had released V8 Scenery with X-Plane 8 .. What's left to be done (okay .. both sims are always developing .. I mean what is part of the 8.x originaly stated plan that's left to be done)?
  7. yeah .. did that correctly too .. BTW .. I'ld PM you instead of discuss this openly, but PM's are disabled on these boards .. I'm in the user list, just not activated .. did the email link thing, tried the manual thing (told me I was attempting a duplicate activation and should send am email to rob @ ... ). Thanks for trying though, nice when people are helpful.
  8. Yeah I did that .. no response yet .. Likely its not a group admin account and I have to wait for him to check it personally .. he could be away .. or may not check it regularly .. and I can't PM him on the board, being inactive it won't let me do anything. (which seems stupid, it should at least allow you to PM the admin so you can correct things). I was hoping a post here might get one of the VATPAC's admins attention.
  9. I have numerous problems with the site from broken links to an inability to register for their forum. Wanted to post to their forum section for the website, but their SW refuses to activate me, and emails to their admin doesn't do any good .. ah well .. They probably don't want pilots flying down their anyway!
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