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  1. As a real life controller, the weather NOT matching what the pilot sees and what the radar sees is actually realistic. There are hundreds of times I've called weather and the pilot says, "I don't see anything out there" or I call weather at the 10 oclock and it's actually at the 1 oclock. WARP updates are only updated 15 minutes. My nexrad on the wall is faster, but I can't see where the planes are in reference to it. I would fully support adding a weather layer to VATSIM, atleast it adds a degree of complexity to the center traffic, allowing you to call weather and allow pilots to "d
  2. Wait what? I fly in central florida and have been in the Orland and Tampa Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B many times and never had difficulty getting in. If I was all ready on flight following when i was told to contact orlano appoach they cleared me into the bravo without me even having to ask. Off topic, but me too. I've never been denied. And the one time I flew around the Tampa cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] Bravo, they said I didn't need to, and that I was causing more trouble for myself.
  3. OAKLAND ARTCC IS SEEKING A NEW WEBMASTER! The position description is as follows: â—† The position requires the candidate to be a webmaster capable of design enhancements and design fixes. â—† The position is a full voting member of the FAB â—† Open to all categories, S-1 to I-3 â—† The position calls for experience as a developer, as well as using MySQL, php, design and linux. â—† This requires quality control of design elements. â—† The candidate must also have strong skills in photoshop, and must be an expert in html and css web formats. â—† The position requires other du
  4. Joe, as per the email that I sent out last week, we transferred the Domain Name to a new registrar, and I can't access my server since I'm not at home. Again, as per the email, I'm in the United Arab Emerites until tommorow. And even though you have already asked to transfer out because you could not stand not having the website for a week. Rest [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ured, i will be working on Christmas to get everything back online. For those who are under the impression that we cannot staff the Saturday Scramble, I ask that you send me an email with your concerns, and not the represent
  5. KS has valid points. Too many tower controllers want to be radar controllers.
  6. Airbus will surely be bankrupt by then too! (If the government ever quits subsidizing it!)
  7. We do have filters, where we can turn off those aircraft that are below a certain altitude... such as at SFO I can turn off anyone below 200 feet and pretty much cover all my major airports. Also, you should have them squawk standby on the ground anyways, as this _is_ vatsim and using tower/ground radar mode, you can see which aircraft it is. It's unrealistic to have them squawk on the ground, as the only thing different that you're getting is the speed (for approach, ctr.)
  8. Great question? Why would ZOA like to run it today? Because in real life, it's the same facility, and it should be. Just like ZNY controls atlantic, ZHU, and Anchorage... on vatsim do already. Why _shouldn't_ we be given ZAK? We wouldn't open up OAK_CTR and staff all of the ocean, no. But we would love to see it active and staffed all the time, because it in turn increases ZLAs, ZOAs, and ZSE's traffic, not to mention ZHN and sometimes even Anchorage. The website as it stands, is out of date since about 7 months ago. The only reason the previous administration didn't let ZOA run i
  9. Anthony, that's not it at all. It's simply giving the pilots a bigger opportunity to fly with well-staffed ARTCCs, whether you visit them all, or just one... the choices are there.
  10. I think VA hubs definitely help... We see tons of traffic from UPS, UAL and AAL... I'm waiting to see a virgin, though
  11. Years ago ZOA used to run Oakland Oceanic, I thought, but when I've asked to have it back, I've been denied on all counts, saying that it would be unfair to Seattle and Los Angeles... Even years ago when ZOA ran it, the advisary board was combined of ZSE, ZLA, ZOA, HCF and Anchorage.. *shrugs*
  12. I will say that if that happens in my ARTCC, and you tell the controller that "yes, it is an actual flight plan because it's one they filed on flight aware" we're typically let you fly it. We're used to correcting the wrong ones though because so many new pilots try to file 30 waypoints or direct... But if you tell us you know what you're doing, i usually dont have a problem with it.
  13. George, I haven't threatened anyone in any way. Publically stating something isn't harr[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ment, or threatening anything. I'm just simply saying the rules that I found Craig to be in violation of. The reason that this came this way, is Matt Temple, Tom Ferry, SEVERAL ATMs, emailed many members of the BOG, EC, and our many supervisors. Only one recieved a reply, which was vague, and didn't answer our questions. When we asked Craig the same questions, up until recently, he avoided it, and didn't seem to be answering them completely. However, I must say, now, he has bee
  14. Dave, This petition and forum post sure has done something. We've already solved about 3 communication issues in only two pages. I do apprieciate all of the founders, BOG members, and other people who have posted here. It shows that we can have productive debates without turning to childish attacks. I will write more later, but it seems that we have addressed the issues with (B)(3) and (B)(5), what about the other's I've pointed out in the article? Thank you all for your participation in this thread. You can see that alot of people are interested in it, as the number of views a
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