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  1. I may not be able to provide ATC or fly but i'm doing my best to help the organization in any way i can. Go Middle East!
  2. Hello All, VATSAB is hiring a dynamic person to organise and promote events in Jeddah and Bahrain FIRs. Job includes contacting VAs and other vACCs and coordinate everything with them in order to have great events in the area. Applications for this job should be sent to [email protected] Tell us some about you, your experience in ATC and explain why you think we should pick you for the job. Give us a brief example of a possible event at VATSAB that you would like to organise. Thanks in advance, Rui Avelar Silva VATSAB1
  3. Hi Mahmoud, I'm still here... and the site is still online too. As some of you know there were some political issues involved.... but i'm ready to rock when you (the community) are. Site is at http://www.vatsab.net .
  4. Just say your intentions on UNICOM (122.80) and fly... if you enter an atc manned 'sector', i'm sure you will get a "Please contact me on freq xxx.xx" private message.
  5. I recently did a flight KMIA-MDPP but FMS didn't have most of the fixes specially for RNAV/GPS approches... how can i get them? I had to fly it "manually".
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