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  1. Continental Virtual (VCair) isn't X-Plane, but I found all of VCair's fleet in X-Plane compatible formats. I still use 8.64 (going to upgrade soon) so all of my aircraft are only compatible with it.
  2. I've heard that in X-plane, altitude defaults are different than in MSFS. Example: In X-plane, you will see MSFS pilots floating off the ground. In MSFS, you will see X-plane pilots in the ground. Sometimes I see both, but I don't pay too much attention to it except when other pilots are taking off or landing (I find it more entertaining than watching them sitting at a gate or taxiing). I haven't heard about the being off the scenery before, I always knew radar was off, but not the scenery. I see MSFS pilots taking off from the runway centerline in x-plane, so I'm not sure what's
  3. I'm using a Macbook GMA 950 (I know, I'm hoping they jazz up the Mac Mini so I can buy it, everything else is kind way a out there) 1 GB DDR2 Don't remember HD speed Mac OS X Tiger
  4. On the server list I use the ip address next to the server name, I use which is the southeast server, I think. I never tried the name, so I don't know if it works.
  5. When I download xsb, I open the folder, xsb_mac_vatsim_102r1. There were two folders: "DOCS" and "for plugins folder". Open "for plugins folder" and put the XSquawkbox Resources folder and XSquawkbox_VATSIM.xpl in the plugins folder (X-Plane folder->Resources->Plugins) Whenever you want to add new CSL, there is a folder called "CSL" in the "XSquawkbox Resources" folder where you put the new downloaded CSL in.
  6. I didn't even think to turn off runways follow terrain. I heard that it helps, but I could never find it. What menu is it in?
  7. The floating thing has to do with the difference of terrain levels in MSFS and X-Plane, which is currently (as I understand) being looked into by Ben. I see the same thing.And only malibu's? I see the right aircraft, just the wrong livery. I'm not sure how to fix that, but you can increase the diverse number of aircraft by a lot if you go to the x-plane org site and download new CSL. I'd also be happy to try it out with you also this weekend. It's a free account and free to download. I hope this helps!!
  8. I like using 3d cockpit to look around my Falcon 7x. Unfortunately, it has mouse look and pressing and turning knobs and pulling gadgets is kinda tough when the whole screen moves. I've seen in youtube videos and the like where the mouse doesn't move and it's in 3d cockpit, like they're using the arrow keys. How do I get 3d cockpit without it being mouse-look? I use X-Plane 8.64 And the Falcon 7x from after on the .org site.
  9. Did you install the x737 plugin correctly, do you have it in the plugins folder still?
  10. They're nice, and they're pretty much all I fly!
  11. I said I'm still learning. I've only attempted three ILS landings, the rest are all manual, and I don't use autopilot unless it's a 3 hour flight, and even then I stare at the screen the whole way, and disengage the autopilot to change altitude.
  12. lol, sounds like something I would do, too! I think the funniest things I've done on vatsim are nowhere near as funny as your, but here're mine. these took place yesterday, the second one, on my ILS exploration (learning ) 1. I was John F. Kennedy, had everything going well up to getting airborne. My plane wouldn't pull up to above the horizon line. I take a look around my cockpit and the only thing I see are my ILS settings still on, but autopilot no engaged so that it takes over. keep trying to pull up to no avail, and in doing so, freaked my computer out to the point that my sim
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