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  1. there are several VAs operating out of the Caribbean already. But nothing's stopping you from starting another one.
  2. ActiveSky has a tendency to claim all CPU resources when downloading weather (at least 2004.5 did, maybe 6 is better (I've not tried it)). If you have a dual core CPU try forcing AS into a specific core (FS will then take the other as Windows gives it the room it needs).
  3. If you want payware heavy: http://www.globecargo.org/ Only 2 aircraft flown, the VMax 747-200 and the PMDG 747-400. Personally I quit because I found the rules and regs too rigid, but if you like that it may be for you as they're nice people.
  4. Can controllers please speak English when dealing with pilots who aren't contacting them in Spanish? I've experienced several times now that controllers will respond in Spanish even when contacted in English (where English should be their default language). While I can understand bits of it, enough to get the general meaning most of the time, I'm certainly not anywhere near fluent in the language (and English is the official language of ATC and VATSIM both). It's a great area to fly in, some of the friendliest service in the skies, but it's rather frustrating to not know what people a
  5. Decided to make it easy for Bryan today. Was flying Concorde from LAX to Martinique but stayed offline until out of his area. Didn't think he'd need more h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]les with over a dozen aircraft under his care ranging from heavies down to Cessnas, especially something as non-standard as Concorde with its abnormal climb profile.
  6. Maybe do it like EuroControl in Europe, and have it handle aircraft only over a set altitude (240 in Europe) at controller discretion of course). That way center can handle aircraft overhead while aircraft taking off and landing are on their own until they get up high at which point there should be less actions to be taken and a longer interval between them because of different climb rates. Controllers can then just publish that fact in their controller message.
  7. neither one. It's in your FS9 installation on your harddisk. Which of your harddisks it's on (if there's more than one) I don't know of course, but the default directory would be c:\program files\microsoft games\fs9
  8. I'm still waiting for Ryanair to start Caracas/Bonaire - StMaarten/StEustachius service
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