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  1. I am using version 1.2.4. I woke up this morning, and I intended on reinstalling VRC. I opened up VRC to confirm the version number and it just started working. I have no idea why or how. It would be nice if someone could post a fix if they know. Chris
  2. Please Help, I am unable to connect to a server via VRC. I get the message "Could not retrieve server list from network. Using the cached server list and user-defined servers." when I start VRC. In the log I see: Performing version check... Loading network information... Error: Version check failed! HTTP error. When I attempt to connect I see this in the log: Network info loaded. 0 servers found. Connecting to network... Disconnected. I have not seen a fix for this anywhere. I keep reading to turn off firewall and malware detectors. I have uninstalled the malware
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