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  1. um i run VRC .when i clicked on the image i got an error nice pic by the way
  2. thanks hopefully there will be an event Mahmoud Fadli is arranging hopefully and we need potential atc. do u know if there are sector files for Reunion and rodriques?
  3. IS there anyway of getting ATC in the wonderfull tropical island of mauritius?
  4. I mean i am unable to take the exam that makes you become a student it does not accept my cid and p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word. then i go status check it says i am part of the division but not part of rts system. do you go log in then try and take exam or do you just go straight to exam? help
  5. do you login before you try and take OBS exam cause that dont work either
  6. OK i have waited four days and i cannot write the OBS exam it says my p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word/cid is incorrect but is not incorrect i even got a new p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word and it dont work. This is really frustrating.
  7. ok thanks alot for help and quick reply i will do that now.
  8. I am a pilot on vatsim but would like to try being atc when i registered to VATSIM i joined uk division but now when i try and log on to uk division it says i am not registerd. then i try to register to uk division again and it says i am registered but i cannot do anything like take tghe exam !!! any help would be nice
  9. PLEASE HELP hoe do u get british airways colours on your plane instead of default fs colours. If you have to download the m where do u get them and where EXACTLY do u save them?? PLEASE HELP
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