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  1. Hello All, I have requested a new PW and now I can log into xPilot. Thank you all for the help. Regards, Miklos
  2. Thanks Jack, will try. Best regards, Miklos
  3. To whom it may concern, I have installed x-Pilot successfully, but unable to connect my aircraft/simulator to VATSIM. The message I get on the system is Connected to network, disconnected from network. Error connecing to voice server. Please check your login credentials and try again. I am sure I have the correct VATSIM VID and Password. Otherwise I would nor be able to partake in the Forum. Thanks in advance of your help. Miklos Cserny
  4. Sorry Andreas, but I do not have your e-mail address
  5. Dear Andreas, I have downloaded TeamViewer, so you may be able to help me. Awaiting your call. Best regards, Miklos
  6. Dear Andreas, I have installed the Swift as per your instructions. Installed it as per YouTube. On start up or pressing GUI I have the following message, that can be seen on the attached screen shot. Best regards, Miklos
  7. Hi Andreas, I have the simulator installed in drive D, due to the fact that C is rather full. At first I have installed Swift into FS9, did not work, but turned off the Sim. I have de-installed Swift, re-installed it into C:/Program Files(x 86) On booting up FS9 and starting Swift after about 15 seconds the FS just turns off without any messages. The version I used was 64- Best regards, Miklos
  8. Hello All, I have not flown with VATSIM for a while. Previously I have used SQAWKBOX, but now I realised it has been disabled, that is when I tried to fly with it, it would not connect. So I have downloaded SWIFT, installed it to fly with FS9. I have booted up FS, but after about one minute it just turned off. This has happened all the time. Obviously, there is something wrong with the installation of SWIFT to affect my simulator. After uninstalling SWIFT, my simulator is still inoperative. Thank you in advance of your help. Miklos
  9. Hello Sean, The work is not mine, but my good friend Rod Lovell. I just placed the article here for people to read and see what kind of problems might crop up with commercial flying. Best regards, Miklos
  10. Arthur, the book only has come out about two weeks ago, at the moment it is only purchaseable, I don't think it will be in the libraries at the moment. I think it is a well worthwhile purchase. Best regards, Miklos
  11. This is a true story of my ex RAAF pilot friend, who has managed to ditch a DC3 in Botany Bay, Sydney and saved all people on board with very minimal injuries to some. He has been declared a hero, but within a short while the Australian CAA (Civilian Aviation Authority) crucified him for "pilot error" I do recomment this book to all. What would you do in 46 seconds. Long before Sully and his 'Miracle on the Hudson', Rod had the misfortune to lose an engine on takeoff in a DC-3 at Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) and had to make split-second decision to execute a controlled ditching
  12. Hello Everyone, I am an avid FS9 user, but I have purchased the FSX about 18 months ago. My problem is, I have a few add ons like MD11, B744 (PMDG) and love to fly them. However, especially with the MD11 after a few hours into the flight eg. today 3.5 hours from KBOS to EINN, the simulator freezes. The symptoms are, the graphics turn a grey colour, the lat/long does not advance and the "egg timer" is constantly showing. If I leave the system running, the graphics returns to normal, but the sim is just standing still as if it was in a pause mode. Other indications are messages "simulator n
  13. Thanks Colin, will try. Regards, Nick Cserny
  14. G'day All, I have the iFly 747 downloaded. I find the FMC instructions in the Manual rather basic. Would someone have a better set of instructions of how to program it and use it. Thanks and regards, Nick Cserny
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