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  1. Great post. I have one question though. When flying from one CPDLC controller to the next do I then need to make a new notification or is the controller transfering me to the next station ?
  2. For the first time I tried CPDLC, but unfortunately it didn´t work well. With EURM I could send a notification to logon which he replied to but was never received at my end. The same has just happened with EKDK, but I was able to receive PDC from APP.
  3. Disregard. Just found a twitter post answering my question.
  4. Miro, London is a tricky one and I also p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed through yesterday without any contact since it didn´t look like my route p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed their airspace. The online took ex. ServInfo and VatSpy might not give a accurate picture of the control zone. VATUK have this map https://www.vatsim.uk/operations/sectors on their site with the different sectors and when they start ect.
  5. Hi all, With March approaching quickly has there been set a date for the CTP Westbound or hasn´t the work started yet ? Best regards Peter Lund
  6. I do alot of long haul flights. If they are overnights I normally take off and stay on for an hour or so before disconnecting for some rest and normally come back on 1-1½ hours prior to landing. If it´s doing the day I tend to stay on the whole flight and watch some Netflix or DVD on my TV which is on the same desk or some other random stuff on my computer. If I need to be away for some time I´ll disconnect and reconnect when back. I have seen alot of pilots flying online and staying online while sleeping ending up overflying their destination or running out of fuel.
  7. Hi All, Against all odds I managed to fly CTP and to be honest it lived up to my expectations both good and bad. I had decided to fly KJFK-EDDF with a 744 (like many others) and thought I had planned it well enough with 40 minutes taxi time. It took 20 minutes to get clearence from one delivery frequency and by the time I was able to push back I had 30 minutes to my slot. After pushback I spent 30 minutes on the ramp waiting before I joined the taxiway where I spent another 30 minutes. I had planned for 5000 lbs taxi fuel and burned roughly 6000 lbs. From I left the gate to I took of
  8. Tell me which one you want and I'll check if it's taken. Hi Ryan, It will be DAL71, DAL75, DAL73, DAL47 or DAL49.
  9. Can a staff member please advise which DAL callsigns there have been booked for the CTP (so I don´t take one that´s booked)?
  10. I have maybe once or twice had a slot for CTP otherwise it has been without a slot. Some of the times it has been from a non-event airport to a event airport or the other way around. So should that stop me for flying, no. However when I fly without a slot I try to depart a little prior to the event to avoid being in the middle (also tries that with a slot) so I can get use of the ATC but without being to much of a pain for the ATC and the event traffic. This time I had read the date of the slot release and was a day late.
  11. Thanks guys. I will try to use it on Saturday and hopefully it will be less fustrating than having people stepping on you all the time. Best regards Peter
  12. Hi Kirk, EDDF was just a example. But fx. duing CTP you will have EDDF_DEL, EDDF_GND, EDDF_TWR and most like several EDDF_APP. When logging on a ATC station in Hoppies ACARS it only allows 4 letters and you can´t make underscore. So if I want to request PDC via ACARS how do I put in the ATC station since it will only allow 4 letters (EDDF) ?. Best regards Peter
  13. Quick question. Lets say I am parked at EDDF with both DEL, GND, TWR and APP online all using EDDF prefix. How does ACARS know which one to write to since it´s not possible to put in the last part or does the VHF frequency determine ? Best regards Peter
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