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  1. Hello, As per above. I am also having this problem with vPilot. So I am guessing the only fix to this is having to keep re-starting vPilot rather than turnaround, disconnect and reconnect? R
  2. There she goes..... Thereeeeeeee she goes! Website down! :
  3. An email has been sent out to all VIRTUAL Airlines regarding bookings for this years event, Mid October is now the final deadline for all VA slots. Our website opens in 41 days time, look forward to seeing you. Till then you can view our fantastic webtrailer. http://events.vatsim-uk.co.uk/openskies/
  4. Further update is our Event plan, which you can find attached to this post. This outlines this years event. Thanks, http://community.vatsim-uk.co.uk/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=788
  5. Dear All, Our fantastic webmasters have been working effortlessly hard on coding our website the last few months, on occasions up until early hours of the morning. Countdown to the date of the website opening, which will be for public viewing and flight bookings is scheduled for a 1st November 2011 release @ 1800z is all on the website. This page will only be temporary till then. Lots of work to do till then, I hope you enjoy the suspsense of our trailer! You can view our splash site and web trailer here http://events.vatsim-uk.co.uk/openskies/ Any questions? Kinde
  6. I have updated our facebook page, as we are now Facebook Official Page having over 25 members. Please can I ask if anyone hasn't answered the following question, that they complete this questionnaire for us. https://www.facebook.com/questions/230497150320839/?qa_ref=qd As always don't forget to like our page
  7. Hello All, We took your feedback on-board from last year, and we are working hard to develop in collaboration with VATSIM Europe, Dutch vACC, Belux vACC, VATFRANCE, VATEIR and 'NOW' VATSIM Canada to develop which in 4 months will hopefully become the biggest and busiest VATSIM event 'EVER'!! Celebrating 10 years of VATSIM in style! After the success of last years event, one of the world's busiest airspace's will come alive again and Openskies 2011 aims to bring you a better, busier and more enjoyable event than what has ever been witnessed on VATSIM before. Openskies truly is like n
  8. Also when the England Football team or rugby use BA, they use the Royal Suite.
  9. Rite Guys, I was wondering if we could start something up. I am open to help pilots that wish to fly into and out of Heathrow, I need a good list 10+ though who wish to learn and ask any questions. I will go over everything about Heathrow as being it my local and my knowledge for this airport is very high, it should be anyway. So those who wish to tag along, doesn't matter how many hours you have or experience in Flight Sim or Heathrow, if you want to learn and ask questions. Also this is NOT for controllers, I don't control there yet. But I 98% of the time fly from into and out of
  10. You put on a good show there, whens the next event Hehe! It would be amazing for something like this on vatsim for sure. You know I love you guys, and flying to JFK! and NYC! Regards, R..
  11. Hi Thanks, What do i use to create the Airport Layout (GEO) Is that all code or Images? Regards, Robbie
  12. Hi Guys, Just wondering how i create a Sector file for Euroscope. What do i use to create it? Regards, Robbie
  13. Sadly it's my local and when there is full atc, every position that happens once in a bluemoon so i decided to get as much atc as possible. There was not much traffic compared to what Real World receives so the Circuit (IFR) was no problem. If there as much as what Real world handles on average such as 30-40 then ill stay away from that. But in the meantime By the way, as i am quite an experienced vatsim pilot now. Many hours On PSS 777, Level D 767, SSTSIM Concorde, PMDG 747 and most of my flights in and out of LHR and would be happy to be a Pilot mentor for just Heathrow, help out here
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