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  1. I can see what the end result is targeted towards, but I do not think the execution will live up to that goal. Personally I think it is a rather silly idea and will lead to much more confusion than already exists. It will also take forever to implement, such as the training system VATUSA is also working on. I don't see either of them taking off into anything productive. Sometimes combining things doesn't work well....
  2. Looks great, but will there be an ability to taxi aircraft? I hate using Euroscope for it.
  3. Sorry about that! I was on Cleveland center during the FNO. Never heard Pittsburgh center before so I was quite shocked.
  4. "Pittsburgh center, DALXXX with you, climbing out of 10,000." Me- "......."
  5. ZOB Lots of traffic headed towards Chicago.
  6. Well upgrading your graphics card will increase your frames, but not much. FSX relies more heavily on the CPU than GPU. It also depends more on the clock speed than amount of cores since, if I'm correct, it can only use one core.
  7. Just checked the standard files and they are all the above mentioned format.
  8. So Linux gurus I provide you with a question. Using wine, Euroscope works perfectly! Except the sounds. Is there anyway I can make wine recognize the wav sound files to play them?
  9. Oh, my [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant didn't connect the lines. Thanks for getting me the hint!
  10. Hey guys. ZNY is starting to code it's sectors now but we hit a bump in ABE. Look and you'll see something is wrong. Here's the code: ;KABE ;Sectorline Define ;Area 1 Lines ;Sectorline Between ;Sectorline between ABE Area 1 ZNY SECTORLINE:ABEArea1_ZNY COORD:N040.41.15.554:W076.09.45.646 COORD:N040.49.38.695:W076.09.18.815 COORD:N040.53.10.064:W075.52.20.568 COORD:N040.54.47.553:W075.44.37.039 COORD:N041.00.1.689:W075.27.58.317 COORD:N040.58.26.818:W075.22.5.810 ;Sectorline between ABE Area 1 and Area 2 SECTORLINE:ABEArea1_ABEArea2 COORD:N040.44.40.483:W074.58.42.088 COORD:N040.47.35.4
  11. Nope, you'd have to make you own ese file for the miami sector file. Sorry for the late reply. Everything else would work the same.
  12. I can help you set it up anywhere in ZNY's airspace. [email protected]
  13. Hey guys, I've been messing around in Euroscope and would like to create a scenario file for JFK. JFK has a lot of VOR approaches, yet I didn't find in the wiki how to get an aircraft to track a radial off a VOR. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hello all. I recently learned how to use Euroscope so I hopped on JKF_TWR they heard me fine. Two hours later I log back on with the same info and I wasn't showing up to pilots. Any fix to this? I realy love Euroscope but if people can't see me I can't use it. I also couldn't see JFK_GND who was online.
  15. Thankfully it wasn't me that said that. Now all of VATSIM knows their mistakes.
  16. Philly Approach. On my second monitor I have approach plates. Don't know why my colors are off in screenshots.
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