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  1. This can be achieved by using the aircraft specific profiles in x-plane, as there is a key command for PTT through plugin. Make one profile for Airbus and Boeing aircrafts and voila.
  2. Uncheck aircraft cast shadow option should do it
  3. Have huge trouble getting FSINN to work after I got a new pc I love that there now are 2 clients in the making Since it is open source I hope that somebody will make an Android app/proxy so you can get either a "full" program on tablet or at least some sort of radar and atc list Makes it easier to step out of cockpit for a few minutes from time to time Great work team and if you need a tester, I'm here
  4. Good work, and looking forward to any events. I know you will get support from Norway atleast JT
  5. That would be great, just had a session on LMMM_CTR JT
  6. What is the procedure for LICD Lampedusa? I know its AFIS, but since its an Italien airport, who "own" Lampedusa ATZ? If I'm sitting Malta Control, am I allowed to give flight info to Lampedusa traffic? Jan Tore
  7. Looks very nice. Is there anywhere we can read about the plugins, how to make them, how to make the dlls etc What software do I need to make them and so on?(the wiki is a little thin for a noob like me ) Regards, Jan Tore
  8. Wonderful Eric, now I have to get a new keyboard because of all the drooling I have done Cant wait untill the new ES version is out, have to work on my ground sectors and will do my best to try learn making plugins to simulate NATCON(the norwegian style) and my special project will be to try making something for ENGM tower, some real world screens: The real EFS"bay" at ENGM, hopefully this will be possible to simulate? and the ground radar: Sorry for mixing real pictures in to the tread, but Im in heaven, all the screens you are posting of the "new" ES, keep them coming! Reg
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