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  1. So I feel the need to add to this. I realize VASIM is seeking to improve itself and give its users a better Air Traffic Control System I literaly spent many hours over many days attempting to get Squakbox to connect to VATSIM. It is NEVER a good thing to go digging in the registry files as once wrong move could mean a computer that becomes a paperweight. I performed all the suggestions and the end result is that Squakbox is now conceting to VATSIM, I have flown a flight online with ZERO problems. However, despite the registry fix, I do not get a list. I had to manually input ( copy & pa
  2. I deleted Squakbox from my computer, I deleted all Registry files [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated with SB. I have ran VIRUS, MALWARE, etc scans and I have a clean system. I shall make one more attempt to reload Squakbox and all modifications that were in this thread. If Squakbox refuses to connect after that, well, then that wil be the terminus for me with it and FS9. After 13 years on VATSIM, the ability to fly connected is part of the lure of flying, without it, well, it will just be over. I personally cannot buy, and do not know how to build a new system. And as I said elsewhere, instal
  3. Sad to say, but I made the changes described within the registry files for SB and it still does not connect, and now for some reason I select FS9 and a Rreg32.dll pops up and FS9 stops loading, I need to reselect FS9 again, and then close that DLL and the frozen FS9 stops and the simulator runs, but NOT Sqwaukbox. Removal of the VATSIM.DLL made no difference.
  4. I realize many shall consider this as "Snakry" whatever that means. But there are many of us, mainly old people like myself, who cannot simply run out and buy a new system, nor wish to spend the time, to install FSX/XPlane/Etc, and then the added money for addons, and the time to learn exaclty how to setup and run such. No offense, but I would dearly love to be flying XPlane 11 right now. But as I said, I dont have spare cash to do so. Please understand the underlying issue is that VATSIM has made changes, and for the "FEW" remaining FS9 pilots, it has caused issues with connecting. And
  5. OK, I added the sb3.reg file into exactly as typed and made sure it added to the registry. I last flew onVATSIM 2-25-2020. I have now flown 3 flights WITHOUT being able to connect. I added in this file and I still cannot connect. I Start FS9, Fie up my PMDG B-737, go to the airport , and then attempt to connect Squawkbox. Squawkbox begins to load and then freezes on screen with the load message at bottom of "Fetching Server Info: Loading network info for VATSIM" and that is it. No way to close it or make any changes, all I can do it close FS9. I even went so far as to uninstall and re
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