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  1. I just meant that you can’t visually see anyone beyond that distance but thats true I didnt think about having them on the ND. So how about AI models. Any recommendation for light weight/good performance? I dont care so much about the look
  2. Hi there, New on VATSIM but fairly old simmer I was wondering what could I use to get model AI now that FLAI has been discontinued? I found the IVAO MTL pretty handy but are they compatible? My sim crashed many times in LHR tonight due to max VRAM being exceeded .(P3Dv5)..only to realize it was because of my own addons being used as AI traffic (and the limit set to 40nm 999...). Btw whats the recoimmended setting? I doubt there is a need for more than 10nm but how many traffic at once? Thanks for your help! Pierre
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