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  1. Waits for CEOs of VAs to post the obligatory plug for their respective VAs.
  2. 24403nm = 45194km. So using the good old speed equals distance over time equation, to do that in 24 hours your A380 would need to average 1883km/h. Can't wait to see that. Trent
  3. It is over I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume. Last planned flight was July 27th.
  4. Join the forums at http://www.vatpac.org as not many VATPAC members read the VATSIM forums. So if you have any questions you should get a response quicker with questions in relation to the VATPAC region. Trent
  5. Hmm. I would have expected 4 engines, after they land they somehow taxi to the gate.
  6. Going by information on the VATNZ site under Airspace Reference (http://www.vatnz.net/cms/index.php?option=com_vatnzairspace&Itemid=52) Dunedin (NZDN) has its own tower and has centre coverage from Christchurch Control- South sector (NZCH-S_CTR). I'll post in the VATNZ forums directing them here to correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. Can you use numbers such as the frequency for the log in code on CPDLC. If so, you could use the frequencies without the . for the log in code for the airspace splits with CTP. Say CYQX1 is 123.4, use 1234 as the log in code and CYQX2 123.5, log in code 1235, etc.
  8. Slight URL change now. http://stats.vatsim.net/ Trent
  9. Here you go. http://faq.apollo3.com/ljames/fsinn/vatsim/data/showservers.pl Trent
  10. Ah, must have missed that message. Sorry if I misled you.
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