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  1. I checked my VATSIM.loc file and it does have that line correct: metar0=http://metar.vatsim.net/metar.php Must be something else but I don't know where to look anymore.. The fact it does work for some like you makes me believe it's something that can be fixed somehow.. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for quick reply Andreas and Mike! I never use the down arrow button.. I get this error when looking up any single aiport's ICAO code. "Forbidden ... METAR data could not be retrieved" Anything else I could try?
  3. I don't know if I had the same problem as Javier, I had to hold SHIFT and click the VATSIM logo to get it going as the initial error message suggested.. Mike's solution did the trick for me! Thank you Mike! I also have a "Forbidden" error when trying to get METAR of any airport. This one started like 6 months ago.. You wouldn't know how to fix that one too by any chance Mike, would you?
  4. I agree but also wondering what's the benefit of flying online when there is no ATC present if it's not to interact with other pilots? The sole purpose of having the flight and hours recorded for the stats doesn't seems for me to be a valid reason and in accordance with the reasons of VATSIM to exist in the first place.
  5. Ok I found the answer on another thread.. yes indeed voice is now the preferred way of communication while on unicom since AFV went live, although it is currently limited to a 15nm radius. Thanks all
  6. I am well aware of the AFV launch announcement and just went ahead and re-read it just to make sure but I still couldn't find nowhere that says voice while over unicom is the new standard..
  7. Since the new AFV I encountered number of pilots now using voice only on unicom and was wondering if it has became the norm as I didn't see any mention of this here or anywhere else.. I am still under the impression that while some may be able to transmit and receive voice on unicom some others still couldn't and text comms was still the way to go.
  8. I flew into CPH on Saturday as ACA886 without knowing about this event and was pleasantly suprised to have such great ATC service, thanks to all involved!
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