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  1. I'd love to see Ed breaking a sweat. Unfotunately thats a hard one to accomplish. He's a very fine controller...
  2. Keith, if I am not entirely mistaken we have had some PM conversations on this "other" forum. If you are the same guy - drop me a line, I'd like that. Cheers & Merry Christmas!
  3. What this more closely resembles is an attempt to wear down leading figures the audience chooses to be in disagreement with. It's sandbox politcs - nothing else. Gary gave a perfect example and provided enough insight to the OP, as to state that he, for the sake of credibiliy would not adjust the grade from fail to p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]. The fact remains that people who fail in a certain system are always feeling treated unfairly, or wronged. Yet, this test, in it's prior wording must have been p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ed before. Everybody understands the concept of a misunderstood question,
  4. <-- Grabbing Popcorn & Beer. Dan, this needs to become a rule, so could we please attach the word "Always"? Thanks!
  5. Let me try to get this: OP asked/ blamed. Controller answered and was ignored. Nobody ever got the hint? Thats funny right there! I heard some have a bunch of nuts in the tower and stuff gets stuck all the time.
  6. Could you send me the procedure for calibrating a Controller? I think some guy running Approach is out of whack! Thanks!
  7. FUELR is a 7000' Cross IAF for that Approach. Look at the vertical approach profile and find 5000' 3500' and 3200' which is your minimum altitude until p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing FAF. Cleared for the Approach with a descend and maintain /Cross FUELR @ 7000 means that you descent to the cleared altitude cross FUELR and continue following the charted procedure from there on. Your next report to ATC is your obligatory "established ILS 25L" most likely at 3500 or 3200. If the CTR would in fact forget to clear you for the APP at this time, you would remind him 2-5 miles away from FUELR I woul
  8. To me this is C/M FL310, and further an excellent example of unclear communication. I would have expected LA_CTR: AAL1062 C/M FL310 expect FL370 in X minutes or X miles. The pilot could have responded: "LA_CTR please confirm we are cleared up to FL370 for AAL1062?" if in doubt.
  9. I have to admit, to many of the pilots I know, ATC has been taught the way I tried to portray it above. Heard = makes sense = understood = readback or clarify = execute. It was not my goal to discredit the .65, but it's following to the word is of no educational character to pilots, nor is it what my own ears relay to me on any day of flying. No arguments break out between pilots and CTR's if the wrong word (non existent) has been used. I failed to realize Nates essential point, that his income and career depends on doing this right. I will bring this up at my next Safety Meeting and collect
  10. Ariel, if someone volunteered the work, we could come up with millions of violations to the 7110.65 everyday, at least in real life. In many situations, working with the FAA I have experienced that things that happen everyday are considered "impossible" because they have no mention in the books. It's not supposed to be - so it can not be. Unless it happens, with a big bang, then it quickly gets regulated. More general: Last time I checked the FAR's where enforceable law. In a country that bases much of it's freedom on the individuals right to sue and destroy merely for interpreting
  11. Common practice in real world is by far not always in accordance with 7110.65 but what both parties deem reasonable to bring the message across. It is up to CTR and Pilot what they make of it. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Thanks for flying today, Thanks for the great service, are nowhere to be found in this bible, yet one can hear it all the time. Proper phraseology can only be applied if every party understands it appropriately. After all real world comes with lawyers that sort stuff like this out, after phone calls, letters and explanations have failed to produce clarity. Other than th
  12. Pilots discretion - descent whenever it suits you, at whatever rate you see fit, but be where you are supposed to be at the speed you are supposed to fly at that point. Used in real world if distance from desired fix is likely beyond TOD [and the controller realizes that] and if CTR has lower airspace free of possible conflicts all the time - absolute common practice. Descend and maintain, climb and maintain, turn, slow, or accelerate at pilots discretion would in a perfect world still be monitored by the CTR, if the CTR would suspect the aircraft to be below or above a cleared or charted
  13. http://www.nyartcc.org/ http://www.nyartcc.org/index.php/AirportInfo/KJFK
  14. Hi Ron - if you installed the AFCAD according to it's instructions and it does not work - I am at wits end too. The next thing for me would be to contact the author of the AFCAD and ask him for [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istance. The only logical other thing is checking the settings in your FS to make certain it is using and allowing Addon Scenery. Again if other files work and just this one doe not... ?? Not a clue... I found the above mentioned AFCAD to work - and even though with the flaw of not designating the Taxiway GG it works. Since I do not fly in this area by choice - someone
  15. Okay - here is a KORD AFCAD for FS9 I was referred to. Download [afcads2007.zip] There are 110+ AFCADS in this zip, show them as list and select AF2_KORD. I would do this one only, so you do not interfere with any other AFCADS you may have installed. If AF2_KORD is in there I'd rename it as copy/ backup rather than overwriting with a unknown file. The one you have may be the better compilation, I don't know. Now select AF2_KORD to be copied into your FS9 Addon Scenery folder. Fire up FS9, check Addon Scenery on top. Shut down FS9, I usually reboot my computer after installing scenery
  16. Ron - would it be possible to send this file - or post a link where to get it? Maybe someone could walk through this with you.
  17. Scenery files can have different methods of installations. Depending on what "he" does it may be only necessary to click a button and install the scenery. AFCAD's, Scenery & Texture and possibly Effects can demand installation "by hand". If he follows the instructions for installation and it does not work - he is either misplacing the files, not reading the instructions right and/ or not following the appropriate steps to activate and implement these changes in FS. Maybe he is also using a different version of FS, and the installation is entirely "unrecognised" by the file struct
  18. ROGER is old like dust, and by no means represents understanding or sufficient acknowledgment of a given clearance. In fact Pilots responding to such thing with ROGER cause the CTR to re-read the clearance and ask for read back, clogging up the freq even worse. There is no set time limit within a pilot has to respond to a clearance - the word reasonable could act like a guide. "Roger" could be accepted when being told wind, and general non significant advisories - everything else is read back. I have seen "copy and paste" in textual clearances which fulfills the requirement of a read back
  19. Flying in busy airspace means: CTR's have their hands full... Pilots can have their hands full (no matter what size aircraft they fly). It recently took me almost a minute to change the frequency in a new panel I was flying (?) CTR's can learn patience by learning to concentrate like RW Controllers (who sometimes get their read backs a minute after they shouted the clearance out). Pilots can learn to get quicker by writing XPDR, HDG's, Altitudes, Speeds, Intersections, and Clearances in general down in shorthand. Shorthand has to be learned, and fine tuned. This takes time. Pilot
  20. Microsoft must also have stopped Support for FS9. After a complete System Failure with recovery I am unable to find the 9.1 Update...
  21. Hello, I have been flying with Peter Brumm for UPSVAC in Cologne while he was Hub Manager in Cologne. When I left UPSVAC I lost track of him. A change in email addresses & a computer crash did the rest. He used to be/ may still be active as Pilot & Controller - and I find myself unable to locate him. If You know him - please contact me with details - so I can attempt contact. Thank You! _------_------_------_------_ Hallo, bei UPSVAC in Koeln (CGN) bin ich vor einigen Jahren mit einem Hub Manager geflogen der Peter Brumm heisst. Als ich UPSVAC verliess
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