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  1. You can also use vasFMC. It's free and works great with the x737, you can download it via: http://files.vas-project.org/announcement.php?id=2. Don't forget to download the Navigraph updates when it's working. Regards, Robin
  2. Oke, looks nice ! I am definitely going to buy the controllers. And I hope that it will work with V8. Maybe someone have that experience? Otherwice, X-Plane 9 looks also wicked. Greetings Robin
  3. Hello other X-Plane pilots! I'd love to buy the Saitek Flight Control Yoke (with Throttle Quadrant) and Rudder Pedals. But I have one question about it. Is it compactible with X-Plane version 8? And work they on the same time? Because I know stories, that only one controller can be used in X-Plane 8. Thank you very much ! Regardings, Robin Klaver
  4. Hello everybody, I've tried using CTRL- for the X-plane screenshots. There is one problem, were can I find my pictures I have made? Pasting in paint doesn't work . Robin Klaver
  5. Hello VATSIM players, I'm a X-Plane pilot for many years with a lot of fun . I have one question: How to make screenshots with X-Plane 8.60? I have already tryed the print screen button (the picture is a black screen). I hope you can help me? Robin Klaver
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