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  1. Hi All, I really have to add my compliments to the organisation of this year's event - there were a lot more positives than negatives and I really enjoyed it. Two things which really improved from last year: Use of US west coast airports (I have the impression this also improved congestion before and after NATs because it spread traffic around. It's also something different and really gave an extra something to the event. Oceanic text-based clearance system (the last few years I have basically just listened whilst everyone got frustrated on overcrowded oceanic frequencies). This REA
  2. Would certainly be cool to know the date. I think it’s normally the last Saturday in March, but this year that’s Easter weekend. Any unofficial information on when it’s likely to be? Tom
  3. Hi There, I've been having a look at the fuel planning feature of vroute pro. http://www.vroute.net/content/view/90/1/ Does anyone have any feedback on how practical and/or accurate it actually is? I'm particularly interested in using the PMDG 747 and I would be interested in whether or not it's as good as FSBuild. I don't, for example, see any chance to put in winds or to plan a custom route (e.g. today's NATs)... but maybe I'm overlooking something. Thanks for your feedback. Tom
  4. Thanks! That's great. Working fine now. Cheers, Tom
  5. Hi Michal, It wasn't a route, it was just a booking which got rejected. From RJAA to EGLL. I get the message, "Error saving booking entry: 500. Invalid Route." If I change the departure to RJBB it works. Same is true of departures from VHHH. Any ideas? Tom
  6. Hi there... I get the same problem with routes from RJAA to EGLL and VHHH to EGLL. Cheers, Tom
  7. Has there been any change to this? I can see what ATC is on for my route right now, but not for when my flight is planned (in a few days). Great program, though! Tom
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