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  1. Hi there, Does anybody have charts for Agra? Cheers. David.
  2. Hi guys, Has anybody managed to merge the latest version of the RXP WX500 (v 5.2.1) with the PMDG 737? All of the merges I have seen on the web seem to work for RXP WX500 v 5.2 but I can't get it working on the latest. It seems that some people mention, on various forums, that they have got it working with v 5.2.1 but nobody has actually said what needs to be modified in order to do it. Anybody know?
  3. Hi Aharon, You are correct, NZCH-S_CTR (Christchurch Control - South Sector) would cover NZDN when there is no Tower. However, sometimes our controllers working other _CTR positions may extend to cover NZCH-S_CTR so if you see somebody working _CTR, just check their Controller Info to see if they are extending coverage. Hope that helps Look forward to seeing you in the VATNZ skies.
  4. I know the RNAV route between these two cities is fairly straight forward but what about the Non-RNAV route? Can you get away with POU B330 CH (e.g. via TAMOT)? It appears the the ZGGG SID (although the only copy I could find being 4 years old now) via POU only routes to P269, VIBOS and SAREX . Can you just fly the SID to POU and then fly B330? If you must fly the transition, what route is acceptable? Regards, David Walsh VATNZ ATC Training Director
  5. The problem was that ES didn't automatically re-select the Airway after I changed the name so I had to go and turn fixes off and then back on again for them to be displayed.
  6. Hi Gergely, That's what I thought too but it doesn't seem to want to work. I'll keep looking into it.
  7. In VRC you are able to define an airway with the airway name e.g V64 and directly after it, place something like [34] so it would read: V64[34] (coord) (coord) (coord) (coord) The [value] was the MSA (3,400') of the airway (V64) and when you displayed the airways in VRC, you could see V64[34] next to the line for V64. I tried this in ES and it doesn't like it and it won't display the line for the airway at all. Is there any way to add characters after an airway name in a sct file so that ES will display it?
  8. Ross, I'm getting the same error as Tom however I can connect to the Sweatbox server using VRC.
  9. In VRC you can edit a FPL route field using the following syntax: .am RTE POINT1.POINT2 ... Having a text based function which allows you to edit a route is very useful because you can use it to create Aliases. I've search around the docomeentation and I can't find anything which allows you to do this. Have I missed something?
  10. I tried this tonight and after Radio Selecting the Aircraft and hitting F1+a key, having the .am appear and then hitting Aircraft Select again, all I got was the message "No flight plan received for the aircraft so far". Any ideas how to bring up the FPL dialog for an aircraft that does not have a filed FPL?
  11. Anybody can tune in an ILS frequency, click the APP button and then sit back and watch the airplane fly itself to the runway. But are you up to challenge of flying multiple non-precision instrument approaches and holds, whilst being surrounded by other aircraft all trying to do the same thing? VATNZ invites you to join us this Sunday night at Hamilton International Airport (NZHN) for a night of Instrument Training Approaches and VFR sorties. There are pre-made sorties available for you to fly. These sorties mimic some of the real world training that occurs at Hamilton. To view the training
  12. The southern South Island is well known of its spectacular scenery. The combination of rugged snow capped mountains, vast valleys, glaciers, rivers and fiords leaves most people in awe. Mountainous terrain always makes life interesting when it comes to flying. This area of the country is certainly no exception - not only do you have to deal with high MSA, you also have to combat challenging non-precision approaches, procedural approach services and uncontrolled airspace. This weeks SNO is a round-robin between Dunedin (NZDN), Queenstown (NZQN), Te Anau/Manapouri (NZMO), and Invercargil
  13. Is there any particular reason why I can't enter waypoint/navaid names into the scratchpad? I would like to enter PEBLU into the scratch but it won't take it. It will take it if I put >PEBLU or a similar variation but not the waypoint itself. Cheers, David.
  14. Could somebody please define each column in the AIRWAY.txt for me? In NZ we have a Standard Route Clearances (SRC) which have a designator e.g. AAHN1 (Auckland-Hamilton 1) and an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ociated route e.g. H211. The pilot just files the designator in the FPL and you clear them on a SRC. The issue is that ES doesn't see a AAHN1 as a route of airways and waypoints, hence does not draw routes or identify the next controller to hand off to etc so I was wondering if I could manipulate the AIRWAY.txt file and insert SRC designators into it. Any help appreciated. Cheers,
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