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  1. Hello Daniel et Al, I must admit, that as an IT professional currently working on no less than three GDPR related projects for clients, the lack of information at this stage is worrying. Not only does VATSIM need to worry about data held centrally, within CERT, but VATSIM.net also needs to consider all of the data held by all of the subsidiary organisations across the globe. The deadline is the same for everyone and everyone is affected, if you're holding data about European nationals. There needs to be a thorough plan, communicated to members well in advance of the 25th of May. Is V
  2. Further to Anthony's question, what work is your current webmaster doing? I'd expect a webmaster to be responsible for most of what you've asked for help with...
  3. Hi Nathaniel, Can I ask what it is you'd be looking for help with? I suspect people might be more forthcoming of offers to help if you can give some idea of what it is you need. Thanks, Adam
  4. Hey guys, Great job to Ross with vSTARS - I've downloaded it, had a tinker and been successful in getting a map together using a sector file, connecting to the network and fiddling with a few settings. However, for me to explore vSTARS fully, is there a chance that an existing facility file used in the Beta could be made public? Many thanks, Adam Arkley 1031024
  5. Good morning, Having taken on the task of maintaining the UK's Sector File and ESE File for Euroscope, I have hit a bit of a stumbling block. There are some small changes that have been made to the structure of the London FIR, and these need re-drawing. Rather than take a wild stab in the dark and draw some funny lines on the screen, I am looking to get accurate information on the structure of the FIR. Does anyone know of a place, a tool or a procedure that I can use to find accurate, real information on airspace structure around the UK? Many thanks, Adam Arkley [email protected]
  6. DEST is actually an Intention Code... See here viewtopic.php?f=71&t=38614
  7. Perhaps Daniel is referring to the radar return symbology?
  8. A DMZ around my system is not an option. We run UPnP and it works 99% of the time... However, my main qualm is on behalf of people who also run UPnP (To my knowledge, 2 UPnP systems trying to intercom each other will not work), or those who do not know how to, or do not want to re-configure their routers... I'm also interested in the BoG's view on using server bandwidth for intercom. Few people use the intercom at the moment, so I can't imagine THAT big an increase in server bandwidth...
  9. A bit sad that in 12 days nobody has even posted if it's a rubbish idea. ANY input please anyone?
  10. Andrew, Did you set the temp altitude for the aircraft before departure?
  11. All, I've been trying to figure out what's going on with Intercom recently. I tried connecting today to 2 different VRC users - 1 connected fine and worked fine, the other connected by there was no voice transmission or receive. From my understanding, a P2P connection is created to accomodate the ground to ground communication. Can this be avoided by having the "hosting" caller create a temporary voice room? Example being that EGKK_TWR wants to call EGLL_N_APP for a release. I, as EGKK_TWR, right click on LL_APP, and click Intercom. LL_APP accepts. At this point, my Euroscope takes det
  12. Gergely, I actually came onto the forum to find out some stuff about this, and then saw this. I'll add to it. Is it possible for the Airways docomeent to have some added functionality built in? In the UK, we have single directional airways, and most airways have max altitudes as well as min altitudes. Can support for this be implemented?
  13. We've spoken before about you and your showing off, Mr. B... Mine here... not really realistic but it functions Lists are busted too but oh well...
  14. That VSCS is the coolest thing I've seen since... well... ever.
  15. Howdy all, Whislt preparing to fly into Frankfurt Overload last night, several docomeents and people said that I should be prepared to fly Transitions, and the sample flight on the Frankfurt Overload website described a pilot being "cleared for the GED 25 RNAV Transition." I'll admit that I flew into Frankfurt Overload, and had a problem that avoided me having to fly a transition. But then there's today. Whilst programming another flight into Frankfurt to try something, I noticed a complete absence of ANY transitions in my FMGC. I'm flying the WilcoPub Airbus A330 (From the Airbus Seri
  16. I know as fact that the PMDG will act in that manner if you have an illegal copy of the aircraft, as part of the key file is stored in the registry. Illegal copies of the aircraft don't have that registry entry. I spent hours working on this problem with a friend before he told me he had illegally downloaded the aircraft
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