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  1. Thanks, I have been for now actively avoiding customizing any AI model packs - not only because they may be buggy and/or break with every Asobo ubdate - also other aircraft look like a small bunch of pixels grossly overshadowed by their own lights. Except when really, really close which is not common. I am still looking forward to a modest but reliable VATSIM-optimized livery pack for the Default AI/low-poly models.
  2. I know there must be a balance between flexibility and sheer number of options, but I do agree it would be great if it was possible to select notification and voice audio devices separately of default in/out devices.
  3. I am at the CTP portal and I cannot see the booking "request" that I submitted my booking requests nor any reservation/award/lottery. Either I missed out because I didnt really "save" it (although I am sure I did), or maybe I missed the lotto.... Shouldnt there be a trace regardless? Or maybe I am looking @ the wrong place.
  4. One could say that the relevant sections of the announcement text indeed could be digested into "please just don't", but that is not the same as "just don't".
  5. I don't disagree with the rationale here, but I need to call attention to the language - there is nothing wrong about discussing policy in Discord, but that doesn't translate into policy unless it is actually formalized and communicated in writing, in advance. If the spirit of the policy or the feeling of the organizers is somehow in disagreement with the current wording (i.e, the between the lines "just don't" you suggest), please whoever needs to discuss please do, agree and amend the event rules. I disagree with this one, there is nothing about culture here. My understanding fr
  6. Thanks for this.! Is this triggered when the weather settings are changed, or when the weather itself changes? I don't ever touch these but I do fly with live weather.
  7. Ross, I will add myself +1 for this feature request. Q: Do you know what is the criteria (i.e., max distance) is applied to traffic injected by vPilot for it to display in the Sim's sky? I did an oceanic flight yesterday, for the entire duration (6+ hours) I could see traffic around me on Vatspy, on littlenavmap and even with the .aircraft command; but no amount of squinting out of the cockpit nor zooming in the outside view allowed me to see any of it. Except when in or around the origin airfield... so either the radius is rather small, or somehow the functionality is breaking
  8. With the city-pairs announced, we can start anticipating routes and aircraft, the Neo should be able to fly a few! The alternative for those with only the Base sim (like me) there's also the 747, is anybody flying the 747 regularly on the new sim?
  9. I was also mighty confused by trying to read the vPilot documentation (that heavily references aircraft.cfg) and only later I read the comment above stating that this is not the case for MS FS2020. I guess that until the doc is updated with the peculiarities for FS2020, we should stay here in the forums?
  10. I've done Direct-to and I do have the latest Navigraph AIRAC, I'm using FS2020 Asobo A320 Neo, with or without the A32NX mod. Hold patterns I should be able to follow manually with littlenavmap and HDG mode, I will try to practice those tomorrow.
  11. Thank you Robert, that was exactly my point; I also agree when you say that other aircraft, payware or even well established sims have issues/limitations.
  12. The intention of this thread is/was for anybody else reading this forum who was considering Simming the CTP event using FS2020, for sharing tips and experiences in preparation. Maybe I was alone on that desire, let's see. That said, If VATSIM Marketing or the CTP event organizers want to formally discourage and/or prohibit this - as you said to prevent "...unneeded stress on both pilot and controller" or for whatever other reasons, I suggest an announcement using appropriate channels. Until then, could I respectfully request to keep this humble thread on topic as described above? Fro
  13. Last Updated: 27/Oct/2020 I last participated on the CTP event for the last time many years ago and I enjoyed it greatly, I am really looking forward to doing it again this year with the renewed enthusiasm that a shiny new sim brings. But there are some limitations that pilots will need know how to manage for an enjoyable VATSIMming experience crossing the pond, this thread is to collect advise and workarounds with regards to those limitations as they relate to the event later this year. I don't claim to know but I have already invested a significant amount of time on the new si
  14. Dear @Ross Carlson @Matthew Bartels There is an effort already ongoing to bring FLAi models to FS2020, hopefully soon there will be enough out there to start chewing on it! https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/announcement-fslivetraffic-liveries-fsltl/297900/1 Current Status: Working model matching for FLAi aircraft in MSFS. 99% of all aircraft have correct configs (including liveries). Hand tested 20% of FLAi Aircraft. We have signed off on around 17% of them. Assembled group of coders, modelers, and enthusiasts. Assembled closed Alpha testing
  15. I don't experience this, don't know what to say - there must be something else - Copilot functionality maybe?
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