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  1. I am doing a flight on the FS2020 A320Neo from KFLL over the Caribbean and I was pleasantly surprised to see airport ground traffic appearing on the Nav Display (for the first time). I did not immediately also see airborne traffic however (besides out the window of course)... it appears there is a very small radius filter for ND traffic?
  2. I was flying an improbable A320 formation with a friend over VATSIM on the FS2020 Neo and I noticed that his plane on my screen showed the grear DOWN, we were also sharing screen and I can guarantee his gear was actually UP. I suppose that gear and control surfaces variables are not making it over VATSIM/vPilot and/or into the Sim/aircraft itself?
  3. I agree it would be wishful thinking to hope that an issue like this could be made by anybody their top priority right now. I am however, not sure that they aware of it - at least not as we understand it: that VATSIM traffic is virtually invisible without it properly showing up in aircraft radar units and TACAS systems. I am creating my Zendesk report as we speak write. That's why I asked... is VATSIM actively engaging Asobo/Microsoft through their partnership, so that we don't end up just hoping for "it all coming eventually" ?
  4. Dear Matthew, could VATSIM also try to escalate these type of issues to Asobo/Microsoft through the FS2020 partnership? And if not, what type of partnership is it then?
  5. Thanks, again that was more or less my understanding but I wanted to trigger the discussion because it will happen to people of different skill levels while trying to enjoy the sim and the network.
  6. The reason I made the link between the pre-launch videos and the current long list of issues is, I don't ever recall VATSIM announcing so visibly a partnership before with Microsoft or any other vendors of the supported simulators. Considering how proud of it all we all are (i consider myself part of VATSIM, as a pilot and general community member), I wondered if that partnership was only an announcement, or if it is a continued effort? On this same line of thought, I would liked answers like how VATSIM has and will leverage the partnership with Microsft/Asobo providing feedback an
  7. I have tried this several times and, for example on the Neo vertical navigation only works when the plan came from the world screen. I suppose this may be self inflicted (?).
  8. Awesome, that was my expectation I am glad to hear that. And just BTW, throughout all my years on VATSIM whenever my flight breaks down because of my error, or because my PC, software or whatever, I apologize to ATC then simply disconnect. The issue that I anticipated and the reason why I started this thread was, with FS2020 being so unpredictable, this will happen pretty darn often.
  9. Darn I triplicated content while the forum server crashed! The argument of "better pilots" is IMHO beyond the point, airliners are not meant to be flown regularly manually, specially long haul and the A320 can get many many miles on a single tank. So I guess that the answer is NO, VATSIM ATC will not make any concessions for the well known limitations of the sim?
  10. So, after about a dozen flights on the FS2020 A320Neo ... 1. The aircraft is only able to follow a normal flight plan when it is entered from the World screen. 2. Customizing a flight plan mid flight, or even something as simple as entering a Direct waypoint will not work, most of the time. 3. VNAV will not follow airspeed nor vertical restrictions. My question is... if an ATC sees a pilot who is stating FS2020 on the flight plan, would she/he accomodate to that reality? I.e., if I plan for a specific departure or approach, not giving the instruction to deviate much from it
  11. I wonder... is it possible to write back a frequency to the sim radios via SimConnect?
  12. I just got this "Failed to create aircraft VP-LNB using model "Generic Turbo Multi Engines Asobo 03". The model may be corrupt or missing. vPilot will try to create the aircraft with a different model."
  13. Thanks Ross. If i could add... there were no error/red messages on the log that may have indicated an issue, I had been flying solo without knowing probably even before I departed. Clicking the Disconnect button (even repeatedly) would not only log a "not connected" error, it would also not change the button itself again to Connect ! So the only option was really to close the vPilot client. Ill try to screenshot next time if it repeats, hopefully the above paints a useful picture.
  14. Today I started my flight, vPilot latest with FS2020, connected to VATSIM, filed my FP, there was no traffic around me (vatspy) so I departed. 30-45 mins into my flight, i noticed that I was not visible on Vatspy... i click the disconnect button and it said on red "not connected to the network". So at some point I lost connectivity but nothing was shown on the vPilot log? Restarting vPilot reconnected me immediately. (?)
  15. Thanks and apologies for being extremely specific... gotcha about models, what about liveries?
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