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  1. I don't see why you'd use a hand held mic, because at least from my experience, I might need both hands to type or use the mouse.
  2. Why can't something like this be made for TWRTrainer? Do you realize how much easier life would be for us VATUSA guys?
  3. Job well done picking a fantastic candidate. Congrats and good luck, Rob!
  4. Congratulations to you, Fred, I look forward to working with you
  5. Funny that all of your list is fully within the ZLA airspace
  6. I can see THIS being of practical use, knowing that it displays current pertinent controlling information such as ATIS's and RVR's, etc. What I don't understand is the ZNY script. What if the pilot doesn't want to simulate a ground stop, would they have the option of byp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing it?
  7. I don't get it. What do you need it for? I don't see how this is practical from a VATSIM standpoint. Real world, of course, because they don't have TeamSpeak or communication like on VRC, and this information is vital. It seems like your CIS has a lot of time on his hands, I wish we had that luxury.
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