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  1. Good afternoon, apologies to EKCH_APP and all pilots I inconvenienced today by blocking runway 04L I had closed down xplane but hadn't closed down Swift - definitely one to remember - very sorry once again
  2. thanks all, i am europe but the information provided looks useful, ill take a read.
  3. Hello, have been playing with flight sims for a while but only just started to get into it in more detail. I have been flying VFR until recently, not trying to use SIDs/Stars and ILS. One of my last flights, I was asked by center to make contact when in an airports airspace but I have no idea how to tell either for IFR or VFR? is this something the GPS unit can tell you or.....?
  4. Well, i had a couple of flights the weekend that were a nightmare. first flight, i filed a flight plan but ATC couldn't see it - was able to retrieve it but as i couldn't file a new one whilst in game i was kinda stuck... Flew again tonight, filed flight plan from glasgow to edinburgh and despite initially heading to the wrong end of the taxiway i managed to find my way to the right hold point and took off. One thing that confused me, i was flying VFR in a Baron 58 and the controller asked me to report when in edinburgh zone - likely i hadn't prepped as i didn't know where that started.
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