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  1. In the years I have flown with VATSIM I thought I had experienced weather but LAST NIGHT took them all! I was flying as AAL383 from KJFK to KSTL and the en route weather was basically routine until I got into the KSTL area around 0130Z. As KC CTR descended me on the VHP.VLA7 STAR, I started to notice alot of buildups coming into the St. Louis area. As I got lower I could see lightning in the distance and I was heading straight for it. Around 11000 feet, everything went crazy! I lost all forward visibility in the cloud deck and my 737 was pelted non stop with HEAVY RAIN-the noise of th
  2. Keith, I am motivated to become another one of those 260 ZLA rated pilots! I have to say that the ZLA site has tons of useful (and funny!) lessons that would really sharpen anybody taking the time to study what it offers. Well done to whomever/s designed that. That kind of information is a real opportunity. I did take the time to study the PROFILE lesson and so I have to say THANKS for the point out. I really did learn something. Fred and Roy, again, the level of RW information that is infused into VATSIM is scary good. I really do wish more pilots would be half as educated as the control
  3. Thanks Keith and Ernesto for further educating me! This is great stuff and I can surely say I learned something/s today. Now I have another job to do and that's to find out what a profile descent is! I reviewed the Lendy 5 chart and sure enough, it says "expect to Cross @FL190/250 kts. I really thought it was a hard alt crossing point. Very educational! Thank you for educating me. It's amazing how much there is to learn with this hobby. Cheers.......Joe
  4. Thanks again for the responses. I wanted to respond in turn to a few of the comments. Kevin, indeed I was trying to make the point that I cannot descend from an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned FL unless CTR clears me to "descend via" or [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns me a lower alt. I do not expect CTR to be my navigator-that's my job! I was more concerned that lately, a TREND has been that many CTR controllers don't say a word when I descending via a STAR. So that means I have to call TOD, and thats fine, but doesn't the CTR controller see my FP strip and notice that I have a crossing point r
  5. Thank you AJ and Roy.......Wow, can you guys write. Again, excellent points made one and all. I could not have been happier with the results of this post. It was fascinating to read the controllers perspectives and that viewpoint proved to be most insightful. You both gave alot of thought into what you wrote and I enjoyed reading your ideas and opinions. It was wonderful discussing ways to BETTER something we both enjoy. I look forward to flying with all of you in the future. Cheers......Joe
  6. Cheers Ian....... The feedback from the guys responding was very good and some meaningful information was exchanged. A civil discourse was all I asked for and was fully delivered on. Kind thanks again..... Joe
  7. Thanks to one and all for the mostly courteous responses. I usually hate the public forums because inevitably, someone will get their dander up and argue instead of discuss. However, I prefer to discuss a point and not argue. The point of the post simply was to report a perceived trend. If VATSIM wants to "bark with the big dogs" and push ultra realism (which I think is fantastic btw), then occasionally there will be issues to fix. Of course you can't fix unforseen things like a controllers phone ringing or that baby crying. Point taken there, good response. But other things ought to be t
  8. Good day to the VATSIM community: In the hope of good dialog and not a flame war, I am writing the VATSIM community today to give some feedback regarding a few VATSIM procedures. Most but not all of the issues I will bring up relate to the Friday Night Ops (FNO), especially over the past three months. I have been a VATSIM pilot for many years now, I fly for a VA, and have attended around 90% of the FNO's over at least the past three years. I think I know what I am doing, and I feel qualified to discuss the content of this message. Having said that, I am increasingly aware of prob
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