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  1. I love the way you've used bits like a real programmer! 🙂
  2. Changing Wx or Time settings always causes the aircraft to disappear for me too.
  3. G'day, Just checking if this was enough information to help or whether there is more desired - I didn't capture the .debug window but changing the time in MSFS results in 100% reproducible loss of aircraft.
  4. Apparently it is offline in an entirely different way, altogether, but it shouldn't prevent core functions from working.
  5. I'm getting the same thing so it's not just you. 🙂
  6. But I do like that holding the ctr mouse button down allows you to pan across to look, then when you release it snaps the view back - very neat.
  7. @Ross Carlson edit: vPilot version 2.6.7 All MSFS traffic off After vPilot is connected, if I change the Time in MSFS using the slider, the aircraft that were 'Active' status in the .aircraft windows disappear from the window (and MSFS) and reappear in the .aircraft window as 'Ignored', no longer showing in MSFS. Disconnect and reconnect doesn't fix, but if I close vPilot , open it again and reconnect, they're back as 'Active' and in MSFS.
  8. Another way to think of this - it's no different from trying to fly the default aircraft in P3D. The big tin aren't the only sort of aircraft, a C172 entering CTA in P3D is exactly the same as a C172 entering CTA in MSFS. So MSFS is supported, but the 787 is not a full simulation - when the high end addon aircraft are available in MSFS we'll have a great scenery generator and great airliner avionics. 🙂
  9. Just a couple of things I noticed that aren't in the doco (yet); ChangeLog: https://vatsys.sawbe.com/downloads/changelog.html ATIS: With a text ATIS window displayed, middle-click to 'acknowledge' the ATIS and it will change color from Yellow to Red. When the ATIS updates the text in the window will turn Yellow again as a quick visual indicator of a change. AIS Window: Right-click an entry in the AIS window to 'pop it out' so you can see the complete data. Tower View: vatSys is compatible with vPilot's 'Tower
  10. Like me. Bugger. Well I have no other ideas...
  11. Tristan did you accept all the defaults or are you installing somewhere unusual...? Is it a personal machine or a work one with Group Policy restricting stuff?
  12. G'day; Just noticed the website https://audio.vatsim.net/ which shows up in internet searches contains broken links to the video and the forums. That is all. 🙂
  13. G'day; Couple of questions (3 actually!); Should the time alarm have an aural alert? I don't seem to get one on headset or speaker? Is there a way to add ad-hoc frequencies to the VSCS without an active controller callsign - I'm thinking CTAFs / Unicom /121.5 ? Is the 'NavData AIRAC cycle 1901...' error on startup expected, or should it automatically update the AIRAC data? Cheers John edit: and one more bonus one for fun; Is the background of the VSCS deliberately a different shade of grey compared to the other dialog boxes?
  14. Well the SDK is Simconnect so I don't think you have to worry about that 🙂
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