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  1. It's taking a little longer than otherwise because the vStrips team have graciously allowed me to modify vStrips to be more similar in look and feel as well as functionality to INTAS, the new system in use in Australia. An example of the difference in Look and Feel can be seen in this video at around 5 minutes.... INSIDE an Air Traffic Control Tower - YouTube Got to do it around all the other obligations I have but we are getting there...
  2. Jake is aware and investigating.... edit: I say that in no official capacity whatsoever -I just know he knows 🙂
  3. Wow you kept giving far longer than I could! Back to enjoying the network - without the work. 🙂 John
  4. Backing up Kirk.. my vatSys (virtualairtrafficsystem.com) The left screen is an old Point of Sale touchscreen so great for the VSCS!
  5. @Jake Saw To clarify point 3 - I assume you mean; - No plans to develop for MacOS and - If people run using workarounds on Mac, you won't be supporting issues experienced that can't be replicated on Win10 PC?
  6. I created a profile for my G512 keyboard and following a request have posted it in the GHUB. search GHUB for 'vatSys' in 'All' and it should show up. - Turned off keys not used (<F7>, <F8> etc) - Red is comms (PTT, text, glowing is contact me - note my left PTT is the ` key not the <CTRL> so this is set to red) - Orange colour is kinda track handling / tools - Light blue is general tools - Dark blue is ASD view tools - move/ zoom - Green Handover - Purple / yellow is ASD viewpoint - Yellow is set / centre, Purple is a 'saved' view (Home or set via
  7. @Tobias Dammers Not sure if you have, but maybe you can contact [email protected] and see if he can provide any additional information in confidence that might help you in making a decision?
  8. Well that counts as an update! lol
  9. @Andreas Fuchs 837251 asking for $'s for work they have put in to build an FMS (or scenery, or any other addons) is not unreasonable at all if they are clear about it in their sales summary. I want to assume the complaint is that this was not clear in the advertising, rather than complaining they had two pricing tiers for two levels of simulation? I actually have no idea what addon you are talking about so can't check myself 🙂
  10. I'm guessing start at http://membership.vatsim.net and open a ticket.
  11. I love the way you've used bits like a real programmer! 🙂
  12. Changing Wx or Time settings always causes the aircraft to disappear for me too.
  13. G'day, Just checking if this was enough information to help or whether there is more desired - I didn't capture the .debug window but changing the time in MSFS results in 100% reproducible loss of aircraft.
  14. Apparently it is offline in an entirely different way, altogether, but it shouldn't prevent core functions from working.
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