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  1. Alexander; I don't fly online much these days, but have a history back to the very early days of SATCO. Since that time, the teams have tried to accommodate as best they can... and this even got to the point where it could be argued accommodation stood in the way of progress... For a few years I despaired at the analysis paralysis I saw in VATSIM, a reluctance to risk annoying anyone at all... In this instance I think you are right the changes could have been better communicated or handled, especially explaining that it caused major issues that affected the ability of others to use and enjoy the service. It is also possible it could have been tested more, and introduced in a different way. As an IT Manager and having a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing knowledge of some of the Dev teams and Exec, I would expect VATSIM will take some learnings from this, in the same way they took learnings from the previous lack of agility. Perhaps this time they were too agile. I would be annoyed if I was affected, but I also know VATSIM need to break some eggs in the short term to make that omelette... they just need to keep reviewing how they can minimise impact, and learn from the good and bad. I do hope XPlane users are able to find a happy medium that allows them to continue to fill the skies, and again I'd say make sure you h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le Laminar to ensure they find a way to shed load to maintain proper speeds.... Now, back under my rock... edit: Also I read the joking as a way of trying to be friendly and understanding - perhaps the opposite of how you are perceiving it edit 2: spelng!
  2. Interestingly when I try to go into the 'XPlane User Discussion' sub-forum I just get the main 'Board Index' page loading... i.e. the following url (copy/paste from the page) : https://forums.vatsim.net/viewforum.php?f=36 results in me ending up at: https://forums.vatsim.net/index.php Notes: - Am logged in - Other subforums seem ok so far - tried IE and Edge (Chromium Canary stream - ie same engine as Google Chrome) and same result - tried an 'In Private' session and same result
  3. Already advised Gary through other channels but posting here for completeness - during WorldFlight we had a quirky experience with AFV - Using AFV with vPilot we encountered and error specific to the aircraft callsign after working fine for days... Issue: Everything running Connect vPilot - successful and remains connected throughout Connect AFV The AFV 'Connect' button switches to 'Disconnect' briefly (1/2rd second), then a dialog pops up with only the following and an 'OK' button: AFV error: POST api/v1/users/cid/callsigns/rego failed (InternalServerError - 'Core server denied request') where 'cid' is the VATSIM ID and ' rego' is the aircraft callsign. Clicking OK results in AFV being in the Disconnected state. Testing: Reboot PC - same error changed VATSIM ID to another user - same error changed callsign to a different callsign - WORKED. changed back to original callsign - same error. At this point we had to depart so stopped troubleshooting Otherwise it's amazing - AFV has made the congested ATC frequencies so much easier to work with for WorldFlight, keeping the traffic moving!
  4. I'm sure you've thought of this Gary et al, but in the recesses of my WorldFlight beverage altered memory I recall an issue in the past where connections were lost because the persons internet router would timeout on the UDP session... I wonder if some of the disconnects may result from this issue? If so people may need to change the default timeout interval.
  5. Hoppies CPDLC is open and free - all the information required to integrate is on his website, including the source code in Tcl/Tk http://www.hoppie.nl/acars/system/tech.html http://www.hoppie.nl/src/ Hoppie is still around, but believe it or not he has moved from writing code for simulators as a hobby, to working for an avionics firm developing and installing similar communications technologies in aircraft around the world
  6. For you kids who were too young to notice at the time... (Get off my lawn!)
  7. .Net framework is a set of 'libraries' that programs can use to do things... It is not unusual to require this to be installed at some point - once installed, any programs that use require libraries in future will be able to use them. If anything, it's unusual that you havn't encountered a need to install it before!
  8. ... and if anyone has an equivelant (or larger) size pic of a 777 or NG MCDU could you post it here... tnx!
  9. Another MCDU skin from Worldflight Australia... 737 greenscreen. As with the previous Airbus version, read the enclosed Readme for installation instructions. Click Me to download from WorldFlight Australia.
  10. Neat perspective Jake, looks like some photos of the real thing!
  11. During WorldFlight we notice some m[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ive differences in voice quality around the world. My personal belief is a lot is due to incorrectly or non-configured microphones. Especially if the pilots are too soft or too loud. We need a campaign to encourage people to work on, and maintain, their mic configuration
  12. If we ask Hoppie really nicely, he may be able to make some small changes for newer, multicolour MCDUs... From my research I discovered: Airbus: Title, Comments - White Modifiable / Selectable Data - Cyan Non Modifiable Acitve Data - Green Mandatory Data (boxes) / Action / Input required, Important Mesages - Amber Boeing: No idea.
  13. OKAY! AIRBUS FLAVOUR MCDU Courtesy Worldflight Australia Note this is a reskin of the default MCDU - I've tried to remap the buttons / graphics as best I can... if you want it different then fix it yourself! Install Notes - Read the README.
  14. That's good hoppie - I like the 'no background' and transparancy options!
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