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  1. After switching from the LG curved screen phone where no problems viewing map, now have Samsung Galaxy 7S Edge, the view on map menu is gone completely and just last couple weeks seems error in coding. Any ideas? VMM is really a great app. Gary
  2. That's what i am thinking now..seems the only way i guess...with the simconnect part for fsinn too. Thanks for your note Ernesto!
  3. Have seriously upgraded hardware for FSX. Have Saitek BIP, multi panel, radio panel and one other. Also 3 of the small instrument panels, yoke throttle and pedal combination-all to be inatalled on the large saitek advanced panel. Also a 16" monitor placed in middle of advanced panel.Running 3 monitors connected via Triplehead2go with a single EVGA GTX 760 2GB video card. Goal is to connect connect panels and instruments and possibly the 16" monitor to a second PC. need advice on doing this. Is the 2d PC simply connected to the homenetwork and connecttions via the DHCP router? Any help
  4. Correct. According to Appendix A,, I take it, more than just the regular Control name, etc..,that Variables and Functions can be added to controller info section that would show tuned-in pilots local metar info. Gary Frothingham vZAN ARTCC controller
  5. Congrads Mr. Milsap...thanks for your commitment and dedication...a new era for VATUSA!
  6. Just used the new E Ticket system to request to add a new member to HCF roster and must say the response time and result by VATSUA11 Ric Ruminski was terrific. Nice !
  7. Congrads Rich! Running crop dusting in Kansas? j/k
  8. Congrats Andy! Another over-achiever from Honolulu !
  9. Yes, this is a hobby, and very good one at that. Since there is no half-time show, can we have em appear at different ARTCCs during the weekly events. Go CA-CA!
  10. Thanks for the explanation Richard. Very well put at the end !
  11. Roland: Will the global policy also include a global currency requirement. That is some ARTCCs require 30 min , 1 hour or 2 hours online controlling time per month. Is the shift to global include a global currency requirement for the student/controller to maintain active status in the ARTCC/FIR?
  12. Are the many different qualifications from each ARTCC due to the difficulty and number of Cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] B/C airports in these ARTCC + regular traffic levels? When a controller transfers or visits a new ARTCC, say as a C-3, there are still local procedures (SIDS, STARS) that are unfamiliar to the new controller. Why does not VATUSA create a blanket policy on # of hours required for the next level?? (ok, i am a Federalist). When a ARTCC creates policies and procedures for each position, then the Regional Deputy Air Traffic Director must approve those before posting and wh
  13. This seems like a interesting challenge . Maybe beyond my present web development skills. I am wondering tho, are not the all the functions on the vatusa website , in PHP, and the backend in SQL where PHP is used to show controller data in some form view, where the Main Page would be links to those areas, and those areas also must appear in the same presentation look as the main page. (sorry for the run-on sentence)
  14. Aloha , Pilots and Controllers. HCF has a new look now! http://www.honoluluartcc.net/ Best viewed in IE6 + Rebuilding process...expect to see additions regularly until all data is migrated Discover the Islands of Hawaii Mahalo!
  15. At Honolulu Intl - A CRJ was taking off from Rwy 8L, a C-130 just landed on 4R - C-130 missed a left turn to taxiway B and kept rolling down 4R towards the runways intersect. "The pilot crossed the "hold bars" — the lines on the taxiway — and was only 110 feet from the runway edge,.." http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/palm/2007/May/25/ln/FP705250379.html
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