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  1. I just remembered. I was controlling LDZO_CTR. A friend came to relieve and so I wanted to write on the ATC Channel: "Shift change on Zagreb Radar". What I actually wrote was one "f" short
  2. Pressure altitude is not QNH altitude, yet QNE altitude
  3. Me: "XXX, good afternoon... squawk 0634." XXX: doesn't say anything, just sets the squawk. Me: "Identified, continue as filed." XXX: "uh, roger, can you please tell me the squawk again sir?" ???
  4. If I understand you correctly... My suggestion is that you create a fake sector, something like this: CIRCLE_SECTORLINE:FAKE:x:y:1 ; where x and y are coordinates (...) SECTORLINE:CID_APP_SECT DISPLAY:ALO_APP_SECT:ALO_APP_SECT:FAKE COORD:... (...) SECTOR:FAKE:00000:00001 OWNER:<CID SECTOR OWNER, PROBABLY CID_APP> ; note, only one owner, no CTR BORDER:FAKE That would help you, if I understood you correctly...
  5. I was today online as EURW_FSS. Pilot 1 and pilot 2 looked like newbies. Pilot 3 was more experienced, but quite nervous since he was eager to make a request, and didn't have the chance as the frequency was busy. Pilot 2 was unreadable "static". Here's what happened: Me: "Pilot 1, identified FL270, continue as filed" Pilot 1: "Can you please say again?" Pilot 2: static (5 secs) Pilot 1: "Sir, you were unreadable, say again one more time" Pilot 2: static (again for 5 secs) Pilot 1: "Sir, I'm sry but I didn't understand you, please say again" Pilot 2: static... Pilot 1: "Sir, please use
  6. All RW: The word "point" can be translated in Croatian as "tocka", which can then again be translated in English as "point" or..."spot". I ask you to use your imagination... So, after a certain discussion that a controller and a pilot had, the controller finally told him to report the G (pronounced of course as "Golf") VFR reporting point. Eventually... (in Croatian): ATC: Did you find the Golf point yet? Pilot: Of course, yes, I did find the gee point, but you wont never be able to find it! Usually, when you make the initial call to Lucko (LDZL) Tower, it should be something like: "Luck
  7. A stupid question. After changing the freq in the .ese file, you probably saved the file. Did you reload the sectorfile (and by doing that, you reloaded the .ese file also)?
  8. Sorry for not explaining this in detail... The problem with E000.00.00.000 was found in the .sct file for the lines in the [ARTCC] section (or maybe [ARTCC HIGH], not sure now; it may even be both, or even in [ARTCC LOW]). For example: [ARTCC HIGH] ... F N073.00.00.000 E000.00.00.000 N073.00.00.000 W020.00.00.000 ... ES doesn't show this line. A temporary fix to this problem is to change all "E000.00.00.000" into "E000.00.00.001".
  9. It might. In any case it's just a request. At the end of the day it's up to the ES developers to grant it.
  10. If possible, could you please arrange for the .fc and .fw command to find all the segments of the airway which contains the string in its name? It would be useful for displaying the whole airway. For example, in the .sct file there are segments of an airway defined like "<-UL604" (or "UL604<-") and just "UL604". It would be great if the whole airway could be displayed by just typing ".fw UL604"
  11. I too have found my self many times in the position were the easiest way (or, unfortunately, the only way) to define the next controller would be by the fix (or navaid) that the a/c crosses. For now, the COPX is used only to show the level at which the a/c should be at a fix, if and only if the previous and the next sector are controlled by two different controllers (or am I mistaken). Why couldn't that rule be used to define the next controller? For example, if the a/c goes from sector A which is controlled by me, to sector B, which is controlled by another controller, and the border is at
  12. I'd like to make a request. In the next release of ES, could you please correct the .sline function in order to retrieve the coordinates in the correct format? I constantly get this kind of format, which is ok for ES, but it's just making me nervous : COORD:N000.00.0.000:E000.00.0.000 where 0 is any number AND COORD:N000.00.60.000:E000.00.60.000 where 0 is any number and 60 is 60. Also, not to open another topic, could you please arrange for ES to be able to read the coordinates where the longitude (or latitude) is E000.00.00.000 (where 0 is zero).
  13. So, what you are saying is that Navigraph messed it up on the segment from ZAG to PODET on UL603?
  14. On the day before tomorrow, I had a flight which had a route "...ZAG UL603 KFT..." (ZAG PODET KLAGY KFT). Everything was fine except ES was showing that the segment from ZAG to PODET was in the wrong direction ("direction error"). Either ES reads the data from the "airway.txt" file incorrectly, or Navigraph messed it up...
  15. One more thing. I was online as EURE_FSS. I could see LHCC_CTR online. He had the callsign and the freq (and yes, PRIM) set up correctly, but ES didn't recognise him as LHCC_CTR the way it should. There was a random number near his callsign in the ATC positions list, like if that was a random position - not concerning EURE. When I had reconnected (5 secs to do that), I could see him appear online in the proper way, with the proper letters near his callsign in the positions list, and with the sector grayed out. Either the server didn't send the data correctly to me, or ES misinterpreted it.
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