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  1. Yep, that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the help guys! Much appreciated.
  2. It's set to "," as decimal symbol / separator.
  3. Um, windows setting!? Could you be a bit more specific? Is that a settings of EuroScope or...?
  4. It does happen online too. The scenarios were made by my VACC (Dutch VACC).
  5. Hi guys, I ran into a weird bug while using EuroScope. Somehow the tags are displayed at the wrong position. If you look at the screenshot above the red square show that tags are missed place. The top left one should be near 'SUGOL', the right one near 'ARTIP' and the bottom left one should be near 'RIVER'. Somehow it looks like the tags are center around the wrong center point (red circle). My first thought was that this specific sector file (EHAM APP) was incorrect but when loading the other sector files of my VACC the same thing happens. Here's the Amsterdam sector fi
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