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  1. Ryan, what are you using for the fourth character in your password? It should be a capital I as in India.
  2. What could be wrong was you didn't type in (or copy/paste) in the password correctly 🙂 I see you've changed your password. That should resolve the problem.
  3. I'm afraid I most likely can't help, but I am confused by something you said. At first, you said it was a vPilot problem. Then you said it was also an issue in xPilot. Then, you said it was only in vPilot again. Can you clarify? One other thought (apologize if it's not a smart thought - this is not my area of expertise): You're not trying to use the microphone in one client/program while the other client/program is open, are you? Do you have any other programs open that might be "taking over" the microphone and preventing it's use in either vPilot, xPilot, or both?
  4. Guilty 🙂 But try to do better every day! 🙂
  5. There is currently an issue where Microsoft email services (including hotmail, live, outlook, msn, etc.) are blocking all VATSIM emails. As a result, no matter how many times we try to send any email (including new member information, responses to support tickets, etc.) Microsoft is blocking them from reaching our members. Until Microsoft resolves the issue, all we can do is suggest that you use a different email service provider to ensure receipt of emails from VATSIM. If you would like (or need) to change your email address, you may do so via the following link: https://my.vatsim
  6. vPilot is compatible with MSFS, or at least what MSFS should be, but MSFS has a bug with xxx.xx5 frequencies. Until they fix it, recommend using the dot command to change your frequency, e.g.: .com1 123.47
  7. I sometimes wonder why I bothered writing all of this and made sure it was pinned to the top of the forum so it could be found and read easily (:smh:)....
  8. Are you installing as an Administrator?
  9. ^^ What he said! we are all human, we all put on our clothes the same way, we were all new once. Start slowly at a slow and/or small airport. Let the controller know you're new. Chances are, they are too! Welcome aboard!
  10. Hello, Richard, The retake is there and waiting for you in the Exam Center. It's automatically reassigned one hour after any test failure. Go to my.vatsim.net and click on Exam Center on the menu on the left. Or, just go to https://my.vatsim.net/exams
  11. Yep, read the troubleshooting guide / FAQ pinned to the top of the forum 🙂
  12. Nestor, does that still work? We have been sending everyone to my.vatsim.net/reactivate
  13. Ethan, you have not completed the New Member Orientation course and quiz. Your account remains inactive until those requirements are complete.
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