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  1. Yes, everything is working correctly. I see that you have since successfully connected after your post. I trust everything is OK now.
  2. https://support.vatsim.net/kb/faq.php?id=1 Perhaps you didn't notice the 5 times during the registration process and New Member Orientation where we mention it can take up to an hour for your credentials to be synchronized across the servers after completing the New Member Orientation. πŸ˜‰ Just teasing gently. πŸ˜‰ I see that you have both since connected. In all seriousness, welcome!
  3. True that. Or maybe look in the important notices forum... πŸ™‚ https://forums.vatsim.net/forum/216-announcements-important-notices/
  4. Experiences like that are the hallmark of what VATSIM strives to be. May I suggest you also send your praise to the Boston leadership at http://bvartcc.com/feedback Facility leaders like to get feedback so they can identify and correct issues and ensure everyone in the facility learns from any issues, and love to share good news/feedback with their teams.
  5. All good. I see you've completed the New Member Orientation. Welcome aboard!
  6. From a membership perspective, your account is active. You have been able to connect since within less than an hour after you completed your P0 exam. Password resets take less than an hour (often much less) to propagate to all the servers. Although the normal advice would be for you to reopen your support ticket, as a courtesy I have just sent you a new password (of course, you can do that whenever you wish at my.vatsim.net).
  7. Finally, creating 5 support tickets doesn't speed up the response time, it actually slows down the process, as different Membership Managers who are actually trying to help you get stuck because there are multiple tickets open, confusion ensues as to what you are looking for, and who will help you.... In essence, you slowed down your own response time.... πŸ™‚ Regardless, your tickets have been merged and you have been pointed back to this thread, as the solution is written above. Assuming you are all set, that's great. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reopen the tic
  8. By the way, if you attempted to log into my.vatsim.net using your fraudulently-created duplicate account credentials, you'll need to log out and then log back in fresh with the correct CID, that of your original account, 1519540. The tech people could confirm my theory, but that could be why you're receiving an error.... To do that: 1. Go to https://auth.vatsim.net/logout 2. Log in again at my.vatsim.net using your correct CID, that of your original account, 1519540
  9. The support teams are all volunteers, doing this in their free time, amidst other life priorities like family, work, school, sports, religious and other organizations, interests. The generally accepted service level is 48 hours for a response, though you'll find that our support teams usually respond much more quickly than that. Keeping this viewpoint in mind, "3 hours" and "still waiting" isn't really a good, kind expectation/correlation....
  10. I have no idea why you would feel that way. That's not the way we operate. I can see that you have been helped. Suggest you have a little faith. We are a community of volunteer hobbyist, well-meaning, and happy to help.
  11. Someone smarter than I on the subject will hopefully answer, but as far as I know, the stats server only updates once a day.
  12. Well... let's go down these one by one.... Yep, I can! Looking at your record, it's because you haven't requested one.... πŸ˜‰ What "admins" have you tried to get in touch with, and how? Which button? URL? Again, according to your account, you've never requested a reset.... Correct, because your account is active. Of course not, that would be against the User Agreement and Code of Conduct I wonder if somehow you have found an old link or button somewhere, hence why I asked "which button." If there's an old link
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