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  1. All good. I see you've completed the New Member Orientation. Welcome aboard!
  2. From a membership perspective, your account is active. You have been able to connect since within less than an hour after you completed your P0 exam. Password resets take less than an hour (often much less) to propagate to all the servers. Although the normal advice would be for you to reopen your support ticket, as a courtesy I have just sent you a new password (of course, you can do that whenever you wish at my.vatsim.net).
  3. Finally, creating 5 support tickets doesn't speed up the response time, it actually slows down the process, as different Membership Managers who are actually trying to help you get stuck because there are multiple tickets open, confusion ensues as to what you are looking for, and who will help you.... In essence, you slowed down your own response time.... 🙂 Regardless, your tickets have been merged and you have been pointed back to this thread, as the solution is written above. Assuming you are all set, that's great. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to reopen the tic
  4. By the way, if you attempted to log into my.vatsim.net using your fraudulently-created duplicate account credentials, you'll need to log out and then log back in fresh with the correct CID, that of your original account, 1519540. The tech people could confirm my theory, but that could be why you're receiving an error.... To do that: 1. Go to https://auth.vatsim.net/logout 2. Log in again at my.vatsim.net using your correct CID, that of your original account, 1519540
  5. The support teams are all volunteers, doing this in their free time, amidst other life priorities like family, work, school, sports, religious and other organizations, interests. The generally accepted service level is 48 hours for a response, though you'll find that our support teams usually respond much more quickly than that. Keeping this viewpoint in mind, "3 hours" and "still waiting" isn't really a good, kind expectation/correlation....
  6. I have no idea why you would feel that way. That's not the way we operate. I can see that you have been helped. Suggest you have a little faith. We are a community of volunteer hobbyist, well-meaning, and happy to help.
  7. Someone smarter than I on the subject will hopefully answer, but as far as I know, the stats server only updates once a day.
  8. Well... let's go down these one by one.... Yep, I can! Looking at your record, it's because you haven't requested one.... 😉 What "admins" have you tried to get in touch with, and how? Which button? URL? Again, according to your account, you've never requested a reset.... Correct, because your account is active. Of course not, that would be against the User Agreement and Code of Conduct I wonder if somehow you have found an old link or button somewhere, hence why I asked "which button." If there's an old link
  9. No worries. All we care about is that you're all set! Welcome! 🙂
  10. Entering a support ticket was the right thing to do. It's now been answered, and your account is now active. The issue was some sort of technical glitch that, although you did indeed pass your exam, the "switch" was not flipped to recognize that and activate your account. Sorry for the troubles!
  11. Hello, Nichlas, Yesterday, you made 4 connections to the network less than one hour after completing your P0 exam, the first connection being 18 minutes after passing the exam. We state 6 times during the registration process, including a reminder on the screen that is presented upon successful completion of the exam, that it can take up to an hour for all the servers (including the voice server, which is a separate server) to synchronize and realize that you are now an authorized user of the network. So, that was likely the issue. That said, you also connected today at 1336Z. D
  12. vPilot does not provide model matching liveries, it is simply the pilot client. FLAi was what the community used for several years on VATSIM for model matching for most sims, but the AI developers changed their minds about allowing their packages to be downloaded via the very easy-to-use FLAi package. So, currently, your alternatives appear to be for freeware, use AIG (very clunky download and install methodology IMO) or purchase payware.
  13. No. Those are the ways to change frequency in vPilot.
  14. It's definitely worth it. And you'll find folks here that will be happy to help you with swift (I don't use it so I'm afraid I can't) or help you with vPilot if you post in the vPilot forums. The community is very helpful!
  15. This is not an advertisement or an endorsement for a specific map program. There are many excellent ones out there. The information that the data feed was changing was published in November, and again more widely in December, with reminders since. One standalone program that many, perhaps most, people like is VAT-Spy. One web-based map program that many people like is map.vatsim.net But like I say, there are many excellent ones out there.
  16. Korab, I'm not sure if you were asking about your duplicate account (which is now disabled, by the way). And your message didn't say what you were trying to log into. But if it was your duplicate account, and if you were asking about connecting to the network, the issue is that you didn't complete the new member orientation on the duplicate account. Don't bother; that account has now been disabled. If you were asking about your primary account, and if you were asking about connecting to the network, I can see that you passed the new member orientation exam this morning (certainly not 4
  17. I can barely spell code, never mind commit the act, but in my experience, being more descriptive with respect to, at least, what errors you receive, is generally helpful. Also, shot in the dark, because I don't know what errors you're getting, are you ensuring your flight plan in its entirety (e.g. all fields combined) is less than 768 characters? Sometimes when leveraging programs like PFPX / Simbrief / etc. a lot of "garbage" is included in the comments field. If your flight plan might be over 768 characters, that's often an easy place to look to start deleting "garbage" to red
  18. There are many such posts on the forums. Most common answers: If you're running McAfee, make sure you add an exclusion for AFV. If that doesn't work, if you're running McAfee, disable real-time scanning. A couple of other folks have suggested checking your Windows permissions for the microphone.
  19. @Bob KlemmBob, I've ever only heard that issue when either the sim or vPilot was *not* being run as Admin. I know you said they both were, but can you double check that?
  20. Your account is active and all systems are normal. You should very carefully type your password, or very carefully cut and paste it, while very carefully ensuring you are not copying any extra [space] characters.
  21. I'm a little confused. You have opened 3 support tickets (one would have done 🙂 ) and posted this, all 3 hours after passing your exam. The support ticket was the right way to go. The general membership here on the forums could not help you. In any case, you passed your exam at 1038Z today. You're all set. If you think there was a technical issue with respect to the exam, you can contact the VP Pilot Training, Ethan Hawes, at [email protected]
  22. And, four minutes after you posted this, you passed your exam... So, I assume you found it.... 🙂
  23. Update: Recent improvements have dramatically minimized the time between server synchronizations. As a result, though we used to advise that it could take up to 24 hours for the server synchronizations to complete, our new guidance is now "normally up to an hour". Great news for our members enthusiastic to get online!
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