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  1. Stop making me hungry! 😉 Now I want shrimp, pizza, and a bunch of free samples! 😉 I think what event coordinators should be taking from this is that if they are planning and advertising an event between X and Y, they should be very actively working to guarantee full staffing between X and Y. It's what our community is hoping for (and unless published otherwise, expecting). For some places in the globe, that is easier than others, due to a variety of reasons. However, event coordinators should strive to ensure that level of staffing, coordinating in plenty of time wi
  2. @Adrian Stavert-DobsonI again tested your credentials and everything was fine. I may have just found the issue. I wonder if for some reason you were confusing credentials from your primary vs. your duplicate account. Please recall that VATSIM members may hold only one account. Your duplicate account has just been disabled. I have sent a new password to your primary account. Please check your email....
  3. I'm not a web guy, so probably likely almost guaranteed 🙂 I don't have all the answers. I just looked, though, and Jay's hours are all correct on stats.vatsim.net I just looked and Steve, your hours seem to be correct, also. My understanding from what I remember hearing a month or so ago is that stats.vatsim.net only updates once a day (?) Simaware is not a VATSIM service, so for clarification on how their system works, you'd have to contact them.
  4. Your account is active, and I have tested your credentials on one of the test servers and it's fine. Can you double/triple check capitalization of your password? The caveat about copying and pasting passwords is that sometimes Windows captures an extra space character in the copy. I would suggest very, very carefully trying again, and if still no luck, copying and pasting taking special care not to accidentally capture an extra space character. Worst case, you can reset your password, but remember that it can take up to 24 hours for all servers to synchronize with your new credential
  5. Just FYI, CID is an optional field, just for such situations. We don't decline tickets due to a lack of CID. I can see that you are being assisted by a Membership Manager. Welcome back.
  6. Hugo, which of your 4 accounts are you inquiring about? Actually, never mind... check your email.... You'll need to start using your primary account again. Please stop creating duplicate accounts.
  7. Are you trying to connect shortly after resetting your password? Did you see the big note in the big highlighted block at the top of the password reset page? 😉😉😉 It can take up to 24 hours (although normally much less) for new/updated membership information to be passed to all servers. Within the first 24 hours after registering, reactivating your account, or a password change, if your preferred server rejects your credentials, you are welcome to keep trying different servers in the hopes of finding one that will work (You posted this to the forums 47 minutes after your password res
  8. Hello, John. I'm sorry you're having troubles! We recently migrated from our old, nearly 20 year old, registration system, to a new one, a few months ago. With over 32,000 registrations since it went into effect, I was guessing and hoping we would have gotten past all of the "transition pains", but I guess not yet! More information on the process you were following, and specifically which pages/links led you to 404 errors, would be greatly helpful so we can clarify the process and fix the pages/links. It would be great for us to see the process through the eyes of someone new, trying
  9. It's a brand new issue that came as a tremendous surprise. The Board of Governors is very actively looking at multiple alternatives to find the best possible solution for our community. https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/30384-vatsim-statement-on-flai-model-matching-package-discontinuation/?tab=comments#comment-173730
  10. So, the only other thing I'll say is that yes, things are pretty new and raw right now, and I'm sure there will be much more substantial communications to come, but just as a quick note for everyone's awareness, please know that the Board of Governors is currently in a full court press looking at multiple alternatives to ensure the best possible outcome for our community as quickly as possible.
  11. You're asking just hours after a bomb was dropped on the community. So the only thing I can say is Google is your friend. With Google, I found that for about $45 US, you can purchase UT2 Live. http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=utlive You'll have to figure out if that's right for you. Otherwise, you can do like the other 77,000 of us that used FLAI and hang tight to see what comes next. If you can still use it, you can still use it. If not, you'll have to research and compare your alternatives to see what's best for you. Mere hours after a bomb drop like that on a volu
  12. What others see is based upon a number of factors: 1. Their model matching program 2. The model you select 3. The ICAO code you select when you log in Expanded discussion in the vPilot Tips and Tricks guide as well as the vPilot documentation
  13. Certainly. The best thing to do is read the emails you received when your accounts were disabled. Actually, you can refer to any of the emails you should have received, all sent to different email accounts, regarding the multiple accounts you created; each describe the issue and tell you how to proceed. I noted you said you didn't receive any emails; you may want to ensure emails are allowed from VATSIM from your email providers. While you follow that process, you may also spend a few moments reviewing the VATSIM User Agreement, and the VATSIM Code of Conduct, which you agreed to
  14. We put just one note in a big colored box on the page, right before you fill in your details.... 😉😉😉 (Just a tiny bit of good-natured teasing 😉 )
  15. Hello, Adriana, you have not even taken the VATUSA Basic ATC exam, therefore aren't even assigned to a facility yet. Please follow the process to join VATUSA at https://www.vatusa.net/info/join
  16. Filip - Excellent! Colton - We broadcast multiple times, in big bold boxes, with different colored backgrounds, that it can take up to 24 hours, though usually much less, for your new credentials to be passed to all servers. This information is clearly displayed to everyone: 1. At the time of registration 2. During the new member orientation 3. In the new member orientation exam 4. After you pass the new member orientation exam Perhaps you somehow missed all of those notifications! 😉😉😉 Each of the 4 times you reset your password,
  17. Hi Filip, not sure why you were having issues. Your account was active. You did change your password twice today; please use care to use the second, most recent, one you got today. Although it can take up to 24 hours, in most cases it's much shorter. As a matter of fact, it is quite likely that your new credentials have already been synchronized with all of the servers already.
  18. It's fantastic to get both points of view! Thank you both!
  19. Seems like you sorted it out a few minutes after you posted this message. Please let us know if all is OK, or not.
  20. @Richard Lee May not solve the problem, but maybe download the current version and see if that helps Current Version: 1.1.0 Beta 8 - Released: 11/24/2020 http://www1.metacraft.com/VATSpy/index.php
  21. He can actually do it himself, without opening a ticket. https://www.vatsim.net/members/member-help Which can be found right on the VATSIM home page, at the top, under Members
  22. Since you last logged in over 8 years ago, your account was marked (for the protection of your account) as inactive. You simply need to reactivate your account at my.vatsim.net/reactivate If you have any problems, feel free to request support at membership.vatsim.net
  23. I have known Ross for many years. I have never seen him look worried. 🙂
  24. Andreas is, as usual, spot on. I thought I would add one other point, though. Much like the real world, at least in the USA, though I imagine that all of the global clients are similar, controllers don't initially have any visibility into what you put into your flight plan comments. They don't know, and they don't necessarily care, at least initially. They have to consciously go looking for your flight plan comments. When you're one controller working 16 aircraft to 4 different airports, that's certainly not a given. I will go looking for such flight plan comments when, particularly
  25. I was going to joke and say that you really need to lay off the gin for a bit... 🙂
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