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  1. Hello! We are currently moving from UniATIS to VATATIS, but in the latest beta I can not get the vatatis link to work. Other controllers without the newest beta have no problems. This is the link that is not working: https://10868052-review-feature-10-0ioy70.flightleveltech.co.nz/gen?arr=$arrrwy($atisairport)&dep=$deprwy($atisairport)&metar=$metar($atisairport)&apptype=ILS
  2. Same problem here after updating to r29. Had to manually download our sector file instead.
  3. Isn't this handled by the audio for vatsim software?
  4. Voice codec is number one priority. It should sound better than this, but not like a discord chat room either, so some filters would have to be applied. If volunteer work is too slow, why not make a spec. for voice codec, common website system and all other things that desperately needs an update, get a price from professional developers and then crowd fund it? Im pretty sure most of us would contribute in making Vatsim up to date.
  5. Thank you for the information, process has been started in Vatsim Scandinavia to report this via our Director to get it "up in the system". We'll see how that plays out.
  6. Hello, when controlling in Norway i experience quite often that as soon as i release an aircraft with DEP within the UK, or sometimes when i [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign squawk before tracking it, someone somewhere [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igns a new squawk and a temp altitude of typically 4000/5000ft. I guess it is some plugin interfering? Would be nice if someone caught that bug Attaching a picture of an aircraft i just released on the border between Norway and Sweden. Immediately changed temp alt and squawk when released.
  7. Tom, we keep a very high standard in VATSIM Scandinavia, and it is for a reason. I don't think you logging in as a C1 after at least two years away, without any introduction to current procedures, would be a good experience for you, the pilots or your fellow controllers. You even said so on our forum that you don't know how to use EuroScope, which can be quite overwhelming at first without anyone helping you get started. What you are trying to do here, is to make sure everyone who has ever held an ATC rating can just log on any time they feel like. Which I think would effectively take
  8. This seems to work. Thank you for the help guys!
  9. Hello, I am part of the team developing sector files for Norway. On our last release, people seemed to have problems unpacking the sectorfile, all the files unpacked are empty and shows as 0kb. When unpacking it manually it works.. Used 7zip as usual to pack it. Cant seem to figure out what we did different this time
  10. I've been working a lot with COPX lately, and it's not always easy. My experience is that the rules often conflict with how ES predicts the aircraft descend/climb path. Wouldn't it be nice if the SECTOR1:SECTOR2 part of the COPX line would override and force eursocope to consider the next controller in the COPX instead of the next predicted controller? I've been thinking and i cant come up with any downsides to this suggestion..
  11. I have the same problem now, worked fine yesterday. Tried to disconnect and connect with VRC, and then it showed up on VatSpy.. Anyone know what the problem is? My ATIS is showing.
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