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  1. Next version of CERT will be UTF-8, sadly it will take some time 'til finished. I took care of the encoding during the last server migration and I'm sure all data are in the database as before the migration. Maybe we'll find a solution to fix this, but I guess it can't be an automatic way because broken chars are broken and can't be reverted back kind regards Christoph
  2. It's normal behavior like start swapping to the hard disk. When a query is starting to produce bigger temporary tables which are to big for in memory, this tables will be created to the disk. You get the point? kind regards Christoph
  3. CSV dumps are much more efficient for import than normal SQL dumps. The key will always be rebuilt, no matter it's SQL or CSV dump. The key will never be in any dump format, this wouldn't make any sense. kind regards Christoph
  4. Miguel, the stats database was exported on the old box and imported on the new one via CSV into exactly the same structure so i guess it's not a problem with the database itself. Any ways the tables are getting bigger and bigger over time and the queries are more expensive from time to time depending on the query. I've done some tuning already to some strange things, other queries need rework in the application to get rid of very expensive JOINs. kind regards Christoph
  5. There's no DNS issue, it's connecting on localhost. Simply there're some expensive, complex and locking queries which have to be tweaked in the future. kind regards Christoph
  6. http://www.euroscope.hu/mediawiki/index.php?title=The_Menu_Bar#Maximize.2Frestore_window
  7. Rahul, feel free. At least it would be good if the link will stay alive kind regards Christoph
  8. Sounds good Jody, just drop me a mail please, i will then post the download link here.
  9. This link is dead, the reason for the question by Neil. Sadly i don't have the scripts.
  10. Thank you Gerry Going a bit deeper in my history i've started as a HTML writer in late '99 and moved further to PHP development in 2000. I don't develop much in the business yet, but there's a bit time left in the off time. Also it's necessary for me to keep me up to date with some technics to be able to provide support to our developers in business. Additionally there's some knowledge in Perl and Python and basic knowledge in RoR. kind regards Christoph
  11. Hello all, as you all may have noticed the BoG have appointed me to be the new VP Web Services. Some words about myself, i'm nearly 37 and working as a system and network administrator for a social network located in germany, so i've a lot of experience in web and hopefully enough to improve VATSIM Currently i'm trying to catch all informations i need to fulfill my duties. If you have any questions, suggestions or proposals, please let me know. In the next days i'm working on some proposals for the next BoG meeting to move the VATSIM web some steps further and will let you know th
  12. Hi John, yes, we're parsing the datafeed. It's developed by Thomas Purbs and published in this thread. So maybe he can add the things you're missing on request and i guess on request he could send you the source. It's written in PHP and the data is collected in MySQL. kind regards Christoph
  13. Hi John, in germany we have our Stats. They're collected worldwide so you can get at least the stats for your stations. Unfortunately not for single members, i don't know if there's a vACC with stats like this already. kind regards Christoph
  14. Hi Felix, i've sorted out some things with OCC yesterday: 1. 2 columns with a maximum of 40 lines each are displayed 2. the value of the "PLUGIN:OCC view:LINES:58" have to be the largest value of the both rows, in the example of EDDM from Felix have to be "PLUGIN:OCC view:LINES:39" 3. it could be a good idea to extend your STAND lines with at least the range and blocked(1/0) values of the stands 4. always use the LAT/LON values from the AFCAD bgl file of the Airport, the sector file values aren't exact enoungh kind regards Christoph
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