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  1. Hi Merik, I'm using version 1.2 of your plugin and the NAT track data seems very out of date. The site I'm referencing for accurate data is this one: http://blackswan.ch/wordpress/?page_id=73. I've tried the .natrefresh command but it doesn't seem to do anything - am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  2. Shot in the dark... just wondering if anyone has come across this particular texture loading issue with P3D before? (See screenshot below) I did have an issue with P3D loading all textures very slowly of a fresh install of V2.2. The fresh install was carried out earlier this morning, I have now just installed V2.3 and I now have a different texture loading issue. The texture resolution is set to medium (1024x1024). There are no other addons installed. FSX is not installed. I have tried playing around with the 'FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.33' setting in the Prepar3D.cfg file to no avail. Anyone
  3. You're very Stephan, everyone has to start somewhere! Have a look here for working with MapKit on iOS. You probably want to be a looking at 'adding multiple custom annotations with callouts' - this is the technical term, so break it down and look at the various sections for each word. I can't remember if the link above shows you how to remove annotations from a mapview, so here is some code: [mapView removeAnnotations:mapView.annotations] You basically just need a 'drawAnnotations' or 'drawAircraft' method that first removes all annotations, even if you haven't drawn any yet, and t
  4. Stephan, have a look at the pull request I've created on github. You just need to redraw the map with aircraft in the trafficData NSMutableArray property. I have created an aircraft model cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] for you called 'Aircraft', I've also organised your view-controller and model files into groups. What I meant was to create a new model cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts], and yes to keep it separate from any view-controller. Unless I missed it, the planeModelViewController cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] wasn't connected to any views but the name still insinuates that it's a view-controller.
  5. Stephan, your loadVatsimData method looks correct from here, what error do you get? I couldn't find the PlaneModelViewController cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] file anywhere in the project on your dropbox link. Have you got it in source control anywhere where I can see the latest verison? (github, bitbucket, etc) -- Also, from a architecture point of view, I'm not sure why you have a model-view-controller cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]? If you are sticking to the MVC/MVVC/MVVM style that Apple encourages with storyboards then your models shouldn't really be in the same cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]
  6. Probably the better way of doing it... You will need something like this run periodically to download the whazzup data file: NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:@"http://data.vattastic.com/vatsim-data.txt"]; NSError *error = nil; NSString *data = [[NSString alloc] initWithContentsOfURL: url encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding error: &error]; The only thing to bare in mind is that this is a synchronous method and will block the thread that it is run on. Then you will need right someth
  7. Hi Stephan, Looks great! How are you looking at getting the traffic information - using the whazzup or FSX multiplayer session (or similar)?
  8. The Channel Islands looking busier than usual this afternoon (click for bigger):
  9. Okay, no worries. Thank you for the reply, Gergely.
  10. I've been playing with various settings but I can't seem to achieve what I want to; I want to configure ES so that the tags don't have any background transparency in any state. Currently tags have a transparent background and then on mouse roll-over the tag expands to detailed view (using the setting in General options) and the background is no longer transparent. But there doesn't seem to be an option to always have the tag with no transparent background. I hope my explanation makes sense, does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? Thanks.
  11. Hi Simon, The best thing to do is contact the Vatsim UK Web Services team directly, they will certainly be able to help. You can get hold of them here. George.
  12. Hi Kevin, I was pondering the same thing about this time last year! The "toy" that I came up with was the Logitech ClearChat Wireless: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/speakers-audio/headphones/devices/4226 I don't know what your budget was like but if it is as low as mine was then you will initially be disgusted by the price. I have to admit that when I first viewed it on the manufacturers website I was discouraged by the price but a little bit of Google'ing led me to Amazon who was selling it for about £35, I don't know what they are currently doing for though. Looking at
  13. Michael, As C# and C++ are part of the same 'C' family I was under the impression that C++ could use C# plugins or 'dll' files.
  14. Just been playing around with my Gatwick tower setup... George.
  15. haha, missed that. Thanks Todor!
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