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  1. Hi, I have two usb headsets that me and my friend would like to use. However we can only get one of the headsets to work. They are both the same headsets but one comes up as the make and the other the make (2) is there a way of linking the both so windows pick up the headsets as one device? I know this is a random question but we are trying to set up a mock cockpit! Thanks! James
  2. Bugger - i've ordered a widescreen 22" with my comp Oh well ..... I would first check what you chipset can handle if it is PCI-E compatable but a good runner would be a 7900 it is about £60.00 on the internet and works a treat if you want a really good card try the 8800GT will set you back an extra £100 pound but by far best GPU for the money. I was going to upgrade my old comp with a new card but the chip set can only handle x8 AGP ... which tend to be more exspensive
  3. wowsers... thats bit of money man!! No, don't think i would either. Have you tried doing a system restore? You won't lose no files besides any driver updates ... or do whats best - back up your Aircraft and probably the other 14gb worth of flight simulator stuff clear it down and start over. Be a h[Mod - Happy Thoughts]le but be like a brand new pc James
  4. I would just invest in an Nvidia 8800GT or for cheaper a 7900 my mate has the 8800GT runs fine with FSX only issue he has is the PMDG 747 FSX version which he says jerks a tiny bit but still playable and yes he maxes out FS9 with active sky mega frankfurt, heathrow etc, AES and nearly maxes FSX out. His comp is pretty old about a year it was a dell. But cooling won't solve all your problems from what i can see, he just has standerd cooling. I'm waiting for my PC which will run things fine, with your rig i can't see why you won't have a problem. James
  5. Yes, I heard that FS doesn't really work all that well with a Quad. Was trying to keep the cost down with the processer but the Intel chip i bought seems to be able to overclock quite well. Thank you for your feedback tho!
  6. Hi All, Just wanted to share the specs on my new comp as my friend has a simular spec comp and runs FSX fine with all sliders maxed (Well still jerks a bit on the PMDG 747). So im going to post this and let you know later when it arrives how well it runs so people have some sort of benchmark. Showing Order Reference 222744. Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™2 Duo E4500 (2 X 2.20GHz) 800MHz FSB/2MB L2 Cache Memory (RAM) 2GB CORSAIR DDR2 667MHz - LIFETIME WARRANTY! (2x1GB) Motherboard ASUS® P5N-E SLI: Quad-core CPU Ready, NVIDIA® Dual X8 SLI Operating System NO OPERAT
  7. You just need to copy the info into the fs9.cfg file really simple saves you from having to reinstalling the aircraft. Yes you are correct tho it is down to the aircraft being an illegal copy however i did buy the aircraft but for some reason ( I think its becuase my files on the HDD are every where ) it did the same with me. Sounds like an old post but you have to copy the code over to the fs9.cfg Thanks!
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