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  1. Is there any update or status from VATSIM on this? It's getting close to blocking a release of mine, or I'll need to code against the v2 data feed. Cheers! Luke
  2. I'd be curious to hear how many Virtual Airlines actually have this model, and have maintained it for several years. I used to see it some years back (joinava?) and the forums seemed full of repositioning requests when there was a shortage of a given equipment type and all of the 772s were in SXM for some reason. 🙂 Given how little outreach PMDG seems to have done, I question how much uptake their is going to be. That being said, you can't see for sure until you see it. Cheers! Luke
  3. I think where I'm getting to is that if a specific aircraft is in a place outside of the VA's schedules, that's entirely the pilot's issue, not the virtual airline's. Cheers! Luke
  4. Sorry, how does the second sentence imply the third? FWIW, PMDG doesn't appear to have reached out to any Virtual Airlines I am a member of. Cheers! Luke
  5. I asked about it here: I too would really like to see this restored. Cheers! Luke
  6. It would be exponentially simpler to just have the lat/long plus the range (which is already in the feed) and do a simple distance calculation rather than a lot more data pushed to the clients and a more complicated algorithm. I don't need perfect sector boundaries, just way to filter the ATC list. Why was it removed? Cheers Luke
  7. To determine controllers potentially in range of a pilot when flying, as well as plotting them on a map. Cheers! Luke
  8. What happened to the controller lat/long data in the v3 data feed? This seems like a step backwards. Cheers! Luke
  9. Since I've got to hard-code a URL anyways, is there any chance you could just create something called data.vatsim.net/data and have it send back a 301 or 302 to the actual location? I'm not sure of the advantages of writing our own redirect logic when the HTTP spec and libraries should do it for you, unless there's something I'm missing. (How do they handle 3xx with HTTPS?) Cheers! Luke
  10. I'm getting a ton of JSON parsing errors on the data feed. Is anyone else? Cheers!
  11. No, they don't. As Ross points out you have to test them, and given the complexity of the system there's a test suite that is run over the overall package. It makes sense to batch the fixes into a unified release, rather than doing each one at a time. Cheers!
  12. I think it's pretty obvious you don't have a background in software development (or even usage), especially in larger systems. Nothing that's happened here has been particularly surprising. A little disappointing, sure. Nothing more. Cheers! Luke
  13. The challenge I have is that while they mirror the real world, VATSIM does not. There are plenty of folks who have little interest or desire in VFR skills. Does one need to do a P2 before a P3 or a P4? Cheers Luke
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