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  1. Anyone figure this out? I managed to get the data into SBStoFSD with VRS but it won't display on ES or VRC.
  2. No set budget, but I'm not lottery rich either. Headset for game, skype, VATSIM and movies. Looks like I might go with wired since it seems to offer more. I checked out some of the suggestions above but haven't decided on anything yet.
  3. Looking for a new headset. I would prefer wireless. How long have you had it and how it is performing so far?
  4. O i see it now, Fix Coour 1-6 at the bottom of the tag editor.
  5. Been looking around and I can't find what these control. Symbology Settings User 1 to User 6 colours.
  6. I'm having a hard time finding the sector files for Hong Kong and other regions in Asia. I did manage to find links that says download, sector, ATC etc but there's no download link to the actual sector file. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  7. Whats in your flight sim computer and how well does it run when your online?
  8. In that file can anyone tell me what ML2T stands for? I need to add some aircrafts. AN26 ML2T ANTONOV An-26
  9. That is what it seems like happened to me. I initiated a handoff (F4 Code callsign), I then Cancel (F3 Callsign) and my ES screen shows a regular tag that I own. The VRC controller does not know I cancelled and his screen still shows pending request and accepts, and both our screen shows the VRC controller owning the tag.
  10. When I initiate a wrong handoff and I cancel it, it shows Cancelled on my screen but on the other controllers screen it is still showing as requesting a handoff. This is ES/VRC interaction, I am not sure about ES/ES interaction. I used F3 and F4 keys.
  11. Yes there is a symbol. It works when I use Professional Ground with mode S and Professional Ground without radar. It does not work with Professional mode only. Maybe it was intentionally designed that way?
  12. SECTOR:NY_MIP_CTR:0:24000 OWNER:B3:B4 BORDER:KNDMIP_CTR_SCL:HAR_MIP_CTR_SCL:CLEMIP_SWSIDE_SCL:AREA_D_CLE_HI_SCL:CLEMIP_NSIDE_SCL:MIPULW_CTR_SCL SECTOR:NY_MIP_CTR:24001:60000 OWNER:B4 BORDER:KNDMIP_CTR_SCL:HAR_MIP_CTR_SCL:CLEMIP_SWSIDE_SCL:AREA_D_CLE_HI_SCL:CLEMIP_NSIDE_SCL:MIPULW_CTR_SCL Will ES just stop searching after it sees the first NY_MIP_CTR? I used the same name because this is only a altitude split but in the same area. If the B3 controller is not on then the B4 controller will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume both HI and LO portions of that sector. Is this possible or must
  13. In professional mode I have No filters both numbers are set to 0 and I have Show sqk standby aircraft checked. The planes seems to show up only when they reach a speed of 50kts on takeoff run or rollout.
  14. doesn't work. You need to deactivate the voice then type in the freq then reactivate. It's not a major issue but since alot of people call for a SUP i use it alot.
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