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  1. No set budget, but I'm not lottery rich either.


    Headset for game, skype, VATSIM and movies.


    Looks like I might go with wired since it seems to offer more.


    I checked out some of the suggestions above but haven't decided on anything yet.

  2. That is what it seems like happened to me.


    I initiated a handoff (F4 Code callsign), I then Cancel (F3 Callsign) and my ES screen shows a regular tag that I own. The VRC controller does not know I cancelled and his screen still shows pending request and accepts, and both our screen shows the VRC controller owning the tag.

  3. When I initiate a wrong handoff and I cancel it, it shows Cancelled on my screen but on the other controllers screen it is still showing as requesting a handoff. This is ES/VRC interaction, I am not sure about ES/ES interaction.


    I used F3 and F4 keys.

  4. SECTOR:NY_MIP_CTR:0:24000









    Will ES just stop searching after it sees the first NY_MIP_CTR? I used the same name because this is only a altitude split but in the same area. If the B3 controller is not on then the B4 controller will [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume both HI and LO portions of that sector. Is this possible or must I name it something else?

  5. I understand that, but that would mean you could have an asr with pro and one with easy open, which is exactly what is causing the problems. You have to choose for the whole session, that's why it is settings and not asr. asr consists only display settings, and pro mode is much more than just display elements.


    Alright then how do you guys control tower and ground at the same time? I never see planes on the ground in professional mode. The only option is to keep switching back and forth between 2 ASR (one for professional, one for S-mode ground) Is there a way to combine both?

  6. Is it possible to change it so when you right click a Controller and select listen to frequency to have it also input the freq to receive text on the frequency?

    It would be very helpful in quickly accessing channels, to get both sides of the communication instead of voice only.

  7. I tried to delete the Landline and the ATC channel sound address on ES, so I don't get those noises. Everytime I reload ES those address comes back. The only temp solution is to change the actual file names.

  8. We are considering the delete the two options and make the settings the only place where you can change it.


    If you do this, can you make it saved in the .asr

    Example: Tower.asr will have Easy Mode and Center.asr will have professional mode. This way I can control and look on the ground to see where planes are, or control and do SUP duties.

  9. I have more than 1 ASR open, usually 2 or 3.

    Controller ASR. I use Professional Radar with Mode-C correlation in general settings.

    SUP ASR and Ground ASR. I use Easy Radar with Mode-C correlation so I can see targets on the ground, when ground control is offline.


    The program only allows 1 type of correlation in the General settings, so I have it set for what I use to control.

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