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  1. what i do is load the new sector file after I update them and I don't want to close and reopen ES to have it on the same ASR, because I always check how it looks after i change something.
  2. So I had another case of incorrect altitude report with a plane on the ground but this time I changed the Correlation mode in the General Settings Tab to Easy then back to Mode-C, and I set the Display Settings Dialog back to Easy mode and now it displays correctly of A02.
  3. In Easy VATSIM mode, the aircraft report an altitude of A160 In Professional mode, the aircraft report the correct altitude of A01 Aircraft had 16000 filed. Later maybe 1 hour later. The same plane. In Easy VATSIM mode, the aircraft reported an altitude of A01 in professional mode, the aircraft reported the correct altitude of A30 The aircraft has 5000 filed. The route was KWRI CRI ZULAB KJFK KWRI --------------------------------------------------------------------- An aicraft with NOFP was flying around KBOS. Easy VATSIM mode displayed A00 which is incorrect altitude.
  4. I wanted to load the "new" sct file into the old current ASR.
  5. Load sector file under OPEN SCT. Now opens a New Radar Display with the SCT file you choose, instead of loading it in the current ASR.
  6. I restarted ES3.1 and this time the route extraction worked. I'm not 100% sure why maybe I loaded a bad Airway.txt file. Thanks
  7. For some reason when the plane reaches the "NOT Reached TEMP" alt the information I set does not disappear, like it did in ES3.0a. second issue in the "Not Cleared or Not Reach Temp Altitude" tag even with a temp alt set it just shows the FP altitude. Also how come the i cant get planes to show the entire route anymore? For example a plane going from BIGGY J75 TAY, the route only shows to BIGGY now and doesn't follow J75. I have the airways.txt file loaded.
  8. What is the max number of planes I can display on screen before I get disconnected.
  9. Why would you need ATC for an event along the Hudson? Since it's uncontrolled you just need a bunch of pilots flying through the airspace.
  10. That would be, what's supposed to be done via F8, not F5 and not the flightplan. If I clear him to descend on the STAR to 8000ft, why would the pilot need to climb back up to cruise? It's just a different way of controlling. F5 for descents and F8 for climbs. Nothing says F8 is the only thing we have to use for climbs and descents. To have all controllers on the same page we made it into an SOP. For arrivals we F5 the new hard altitude, and since the pilot is planning to land we do not expect him to climb. Even if he wanted to divert, that would be an entirely new clearance, with new
  11. We just use it to show new levels. It's a procedure we adopted which I don't know if it's real or not, but it's our equivalent of manually updating flight strips compared to the real world, to show our own controllers in the APP area the pilots their cleared level. I just don't see the purpose of having a third option where ES stores a value but it disappears as soon as you log off or he goes to unicom area. Your simulating a server that stores all this information (ALDI in your case), but nothing exists to actually do anything with this data. I think it is very nice that Gergely has si
  12. We use F5 alot for descents. The thinking is the airplane shouldn't be climbing back up to the cruise altitude if he/she is descending to land. This way when we hand-off to the next controller we know that he is cleared to that certain FL/Altitude. I also prefer that F5 can change the Flight Plan Altitude incase a pilot requests a new FL for cruise, instead of opening the fpl dialog box we use a simple keyboard command. We use F8 only if it's something out of the ordinary, say a conflict is developing one controller will put in a temp alt to show everyone else this plane is cleared t
  13. Did some experiments with Karl online. F5 key in ES changes only the ALT for ES users. The FPL (.am) dialog box cruise altitude, if amendments are made there, every one including VRC and ES can see the changes. F8 everyone including VRC and ES can see the temp alt changes. Something is wrong with the F5 key.
  14. I just found out when I hit F5 and [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ign a new alt to a plane, it is not reflected in VRC for the other controllers. I searched but I didn't find this problem. I am using ES.
  15. I sent you and Greg an email back in Sept if you still want my help.
  16. KPUB-KFOE or further east I'm flying in a turboprop Today Nov 7 2030z
  17. Who: Me and You What: Flying Planes When: NOW Where: KHPN to KPHL Why: Because... Kan Air Join Us.
  18. If you can use voice, cause those are usually short routes and typing and hand flying is going to be tough, but of course that's up to you. If you look at our SOP in ZNY you should see the VFR routes. Just download either JFK/LGA or EWR SOP, the same page is in all 3 of them. You can also completely avoid us by staying below the Bravo airspace and snake around. Although most people call us up anyways.
  19. in the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned SID on the tag. So after the plane is finish flying the SID it would be nice to have it disappear from the tag instead of deleting it from the route everytime.
  20. Is it possible in the next release to put in a feature for the SIDs to disappear after the pilot has finish flying it? So after a Pilot-Nav SID (RNAV) it would automatically disappear or we could press a button and after a controller vector SID we could press the button and make it disappear for the rest of the flight.
  21. ok thanks guys. The ESE file is on my computer only so far, it's not on any public website, since I'm still tweaking it. Only was is for me to email it to you if you like it. But thats a good idea about the dummy stars.
  22. i have another of the same issue the pilot files "KACY CYN NEL COL KFRG" and the blue line only goes to COL and stops
  23. I put the "." to end the sentence So is there a way to not select a STAR then? To tell ES to completely disregard it.
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