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  1. I had a plane go into KPVD today that filed for some reason after HTO ES automatically selected the JORDN2 STAR for me. In the ESE file I have STAR:KPVD::JORDN2:HTO JORDN MINNK I thought in cases like this I would need the name JORDN2 to even trigger it. ---------------------------------------------------------------- On a totally separate issue. Once in a while the full routing will not show, for example, a pilot files "KPHL FJC KBGM." When I click to show the route display it only goes as far as FJC and the pilot hasn't gone past it yet. Once he goes past it, it st
  2. The Info downloads but the targets won't show up on ES still. Any other buttons I have to press?
  3. How can I find the URL to a different data server to put in ES? I like to have the aircraft displayed while I'm offline.
  4. Oh, I guess I'll hike it to the Rideau then.
  5. Anything or recommendations around Ottawa airport? Within walking distance? I wanted to go to the Rideau, but that's a hike.
  6. You got it. Pilots responsibility. It's not the CTR's job to plan your descent, plus I really doubt CTR knows where your TOD is and all that. I've noticed that it seems like some pilot expect me to know exactly where they should start their descent. Then there are some that won't say a thing and just keep cruising at Altitude no matter how close they get to the airport. Other than that, everyone else has said it all.
  7. I was thinking along the lines of Alan and Matthew. How important is GND and TWR really? As he said, it's not too hard for a pilot to self-navigate around airports. That's pretty much what all pilots do at uncontrolled airfields. Same with takeoff. The CoC, CoR, GRP etc are all just words people can vote to change, if we find a better way to get someone controlling at a spot they feel like they really want, why not? I hope this 20 hours J. Jason mentioned isn't going to stay. That's a minimum of 40 sessions (30min MAX/session) to get 20 hours. That's rough riddled with boredom.
  8. Just some thoughts after reading some posts in the General section. It wasn't on the same topic so I kept it out of there. I highly doubt this idea would ever get off the ground, and it's only a thought I'm throwing around here. When a new person joins, they always have to go through DEL, GND, TWR, DEP, APP, CTR in that order. If the new person had a desire to go right into DEP, I don't see anything wrong with that. Of course they have to be trained in DEL (because every plane needs a clearance to do anything almost). This new fictitious person gets trained on DEL and DEP only. Whe
  9. Maybe we should make it into Zulu time. Standard all across the board.
  10. np, I got another thing I want to change but so far I can't figure it out. Trying to find the right spot to start to change the ARTCC boundaries
  11. What exactly do you mean by saw it online. Are you reffering to seeing it on VRC/SB/FSInn/satnet-data.txt/etc or under the All Controllers Tab in SI? Figured this out. KABE Positions won't show up on the map because KABE happens to be the first airport under the [AIRPORTS] list. To fix this just put in a dummy airport on top of it. THis is what I entered above KABE so now KABE is second on the list. If you guys can include this on the next update since this is the primary airport we use to train MINORs with the new VATUSA training system.
  12. myairplane.com charts http://adds.aviationweather.noaa.gov weather Edit: Or Jason's links above but we have no wx there
  13. what are the buttons for me to bring up the edit flight plan dialog box?
  14. yes but not as long, just basically "p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ing ABCDE"
  15. Guess you probably will be taking the Concorde tracks, once you enter New York Oceanic, and if a controller is online, we simulate a radar enviroment because of the almost new invention the real world has called ATOPS. So it might start before you even see land.
  16. So far i have only found euroweather.net Is there any website that are directly for pilots with weather charts, metar, surface analysis etc? for europe
  17. maybe also a time frame to get from places to places. So people with different days off can fly too and we can pick the best day to fly ourselves by looking at weather forecasts
  18. its a good idea, you could overtake if players had winds aloft downloaded and they pick the best altitude, of course FS is limited that way also unless you have activesky or something.
  19. signup with http://vatusa.org also since you want to be in USA
  20. Wait to be activated or email like Ethan said. I will also post your request on our forum and try to have Mike B contact you as he is the temp EC or one of our other staff. cool?
  21. for ZNY request checkout our site at nyartcc.org and request it there via forum or email Mike B via the staff page under PHL. He is the temp events person for ZNY right now since our main one is out for a bit.
  22. Also read the last line. Also read my first line in the post, then read my second line. Don't just read the line that sticks out. The fourth line was just sarcasm.
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