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  1. Goto the respective ARTCC and download their sector file(s). Checkout their site and forum and see if that's your feel. Then log online to each of the ARTCC your interested and see what goes on, maybe talk to some controllers provided they aren't busy. Then hop on over to ZNY after your done the academy. Last part of that is optional. Unless you want to come here.
  2. I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume your still with Seattle ARTCC gathering from your post. goto VATUSA.org website 3rd thing on the left click Transfer form and thats where you transfer. BUT Since you haven't taken the student controller test yet, you can do that in the training centre. FOr that click "controlling training" on the top, then click "online testing" be sure to read your stuff first from the "reference" page. Now I checked the VATUSA seattle roster and your not on it, and since you haven't taken the test I think you'll be put into the VATUSA Academy after the test.
  3. Can't give him the p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]word, his mentor at the academy will give that to him when the time is right?
  4. Caught the end of an IFR clarance to an airport in ZOB today from CZYZ FIR. Both controller and Pilot never heard of the new STAR the pilot got [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned. I think that went on for 5 min or so. Then a tractor came up on me so I wanted to call for taxi.
  5. Pretty close. lol No, you would have to contact VATUSA2 and have him "force" you into the database. His contact info can be found on vatusa.org See you in NY soon hopefully.
  6. If it was before April 17, you won't be in academy. In that case you should join a ARTCC, from there the depending on the ARTCC the ATM or whoever will usaully send you a welcome email. The local ARTCC then provides training and you control there, advance there etc. If you joined after April 17, you should be in the academy automatically.
  7. Actually If you see LGA Tower online call him, if hes not on call the next controller covering LGA Tower Control Zone. Like keith said it'll be treated as off-field. Might get some restrictions like remain east of rwy 31 if traffic coming in and out.
  8. use the private chat feature for voice and pick your own room.
  9. Yea and you can have slogans like "Lets SHINE LGA" - flyin to LGA that day "Lets SHINE JFK" etc "Blind LGA and JFK night" LGA to JFK flight "Find the bulb at JFK" couple cheesy ideas
  10. If you want something like TEC why not just rename it and call it something like "Short Hop IFR Night Event" (SHINE) ????? ehhh.... good name huh?
  11. I believe hes asking more along the lines of how to grab the lat/longs to draw the boudary of a actual sector. Not the airport.
  12. ? I took that picture because on that day i got my license at a glider pilot. when I was leaving the field I saw a goat down the dusty path and decided to snap a picture as a reminder. You can use the indicator if you want.
  13. try flying on zone.com with ATC. Compare that to VATSIM. esky sounds like zone.com people but with more structure. I'm sure you'll stick with VATSIM forever after that.
  14. Matthew Horan CZQX_N_FSS Andrian Smith EGXX_FSS Ricardo Pacheco LPPO_V_FSS Kevin Kan NY_JBC_FSS Are the people who are in the picture. Link provided by Andrian Smith
  15. and i'll be sure to put NY RADAR on again next monday night. The real world has gone with ATOP providing a radar enviroment for the Oceanic Airspace, making it possible for us to give 30nm separation. So you get a sqk code and radar contact etc. http://faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/technology/atop/
  16. planes set to 40? the FS AI? that has nothing to do with flying on vatsim its turned off automatically in Multiplayer mode. Depending on what night you sit on the ramp traffic varies, look on ServInfo to check if there are planes at the airport or anticipating planes.
  17. nope there is a free key for FSUIPC to work with VATSIM and SB2.3 http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?p=2262#2262
  18. this happens only when you don't have the installed aircraft of the other pilots and when the CSL doesnt have the model for them either. If a Delta Boeing 747 flies in front of you, you would be able to see the correct CSL plane and not a citation. Just to make sure you installed the CSL correctly, you drag the entire CSL folder into aircraft. Make sure when you click the CSL folder the next thing is the aircrafts.
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