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  1. Thanks for the reply Ian. I cant believe that Wilco themselves havent fixed these problems. Well, hearing the plane is so disfunctional, i may reconsider flying it. I was also looking at the PSS 777 and level D 767 which are both really good planes. I didnt realize the VNAV doesnt work because it seemed to work fine for me. Thanks again for the help. Hopefully if Wilco eventually fixes the problems then i may look at the airplane again, because although there are a few issues, it still is a really good airplane.
  2. Hi everyone, I am getting ready for CTP and this year i am going to try fly the wilco A330. I am having a few issues with the aircraft though, and all of which are during the approach portion of the flight. My first problem is slowing down. Usually if i have about a 15 nm final i will try to be at 170-200, which is all fine. The problem begins when i intercept the G/S, and the aircraft begins descending for the runway. I will put the gear down early and put the spoilers up, and still the aircraft wont be able to slow down to Vref of about 130 kts but instead climb, making the landing v
  3. Okay thanks for the info. I guess the 2.5 year degree doesn't quite cut it. I am not exactly sure why. Because the 2.5 year degree is pretty much flight school plus all the basic college training, so if they are looking for smarts it is pretty much the same as going to university. Whatever, I still have a while to decide. Thanks again for the information.
  4. Okay thanks for the reply. The other place I was looking was Confederation college. When you mean degree do you mean a full University Degree like Business Degree (4 years) or doing Aviation Flight Management at Confederation (2.5 years). Thanks
  5. Hey I am just getting to the age now (16) to start looking at my post secondary plans more closely, and I am wondering which flight school people would recommend. I was looking at the University of Western Ontario Aviation Program, which includes flight school and a business degree in Aviation management, because out of all the degrees linked with flight schools I like the business management degree the most. Plus UWO is currently the top ranked University in Canada. But I am not sure if that is the best flight school. I don't need a degree, but so far i have been planning on getting
  6. Okay. I will try that and see how it goes. Thanks
  7. I am running 258.96. I will try another one. Is there a Windows 7 driver for x64 below 2xx?
  8. I just updated my PC to Windows 7 x64 64-bit Ultimate. I used Windows XP previously. When I started up nHancer, it shows me the normal start logo, then disappears like it is going to start the full program but nothing happens. It isn't in my hidden icons bar either.
  9. I am getting X plane soon because I will be switching to mac and I am thinking of getting the x737. But is the fmc just as good on the x737 as the PMDG??? Thanks
  10. Win 7 x64 bit and 4 more GB certainly made a huge difference in my FS, courtesy BL's ideas of course!! Don't forget the 64-bit part which is what will use memory over 3.25GB. yes of course. Thankyou very much
  11. Good news I fixed nHancer. Been flying online. SSSOOO much fun. But i am not getting the FPS I want now. I think 10-30. If i want higher FPS, should i get Win7 w/ 4 more GB DDR2?
  12. Hey guys I decided to try out nHancer again, and after spending most of the morning updating drivers and testing the settings, I finally got it to work. I was so happy i wanted to fly right away. So i loaded up the PMDG 737 at Toronto. Did a quick look around (because the PMDG 737 looks so awesome with nHancer), and then i fired up squawkbox. I I was shocked to find that when opening squawkbox, all the jaggies came back and it looked just like it did before. I am sure a lot of you fly on vatsim with nHancer. Please help me out. Thanks
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