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  1. Hey Martin, what happens with GND radar if snow falls does it stay green?
  2. My Condolences to his family and his friends. My thoughts are with you.
  3. tell me more about it - I can't see an error...
  4. Who cares where the server is... The server is running again and the SAG medias are on the test run. Expect the forum back tonight - what I can say for sure. The other medias like homepage shall be back as well - u'll get further notice at the known place Thks to the admins for the quick action.
  5. OK, some news: The server had a harddisc crash. Almost all datas - at least all the important ones - had been saved. Actually the ADMINS are filling the gaps to make the forum and website work again. We expect the reactivation of SAG medias within 24-48 hrs.
  6. Final note: System works perfect! Had a 3 hrs session wihtout any trouble.
  7. Hi there, here in SAG some people have the problem as well. I had ATI Catalyst 8.4 what caused the trouble - uninstall of V8.4 - install of 8.3 => same probem. Finally with version 8.2 the system is running stable for the last 40min. Looks like 8.2 ist the last working driver... Just my imput and maybe a solution for some guys
  8. Hello Colleagues, here an update about some changes within SAG-borders. SAG1 => Marc Riedel [837945] ATC-TD => VACANT (I cover it at the moment) Chief EVENT/PR => Michael Woehry [919629] quit, Daniel Raetzel [946945] is new Chief. Deputy EVENT/PR => VACANT Deputy WEB/TEC => Christoph Neukirch [1035754] Deputy Pilots TD => Sebastian Humm [956678] We just had a huge application action - so some positions will be filled up soon.
  9. A couple days - and dont ask me what a "couple" means *g*
  10. I mean, the programme ist not perfekt - and you cannot really train well - there need to be done just a few more things like - the possibility that the aircraft can fly flightplans because in Europe we're using transitions very often which need to be trained - different aicraft behaviour (B747 shall not turn like a C152) Thats it what the programme would make as a useful tool for advanced APP/CTR training. Yet we can just use it up to a point of standard level...
  11. Hi John I tried it too to get contact some months ago but I almost got here in serious trouble instead of getting in contact. http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=12062
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