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  1. Congratulations Alex! I look forward to your leadership and future plans for the USA division as director.
  2. Dear Members, It is with deep regret that I report to you that former Division Director Gary Millsaps has tendered his resignation which is effective immediately. This is a very sad day especially for those who have had the honor and pleasure of working with Gary’s administration. Gary has contributed much to the VATUSA division and the VATSIM Network in its entirety. His work and dedication to the network is seen throughout the many changes of VATUSA and the present push for the Global Rating Policy review, in which he was a strong voice and representative for the division. Gary has advis
  3. Fellow VATUSA controllers: We are still accepting applications for the Air Traffic Manager position at Jacksonville ARTCC! If you have the qualifications, commitment and love to part of that "Sunshine State" then send your applications now at [email protected] The ATM responsibilities are: * Reports to the region's Air Traffic Director and oversees operations and management for an [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned ARTCC. * Maintains an on line presence on the VATSIM server. * Functions as VATUSA HQ staff member and attend periodic meetings to report on ARTCC activities and to s
  4. Excellent choice for the job! I know you'll do great for VATUSA Rob!
  5. Thank you all for you opinions on the topic. There is no right or wrong on this topic. Just trying to see what other controllers think. I guess it really doesn't matter and it all boils down to what Matt Bromback said in his initial post, "controller preference."
  6. On numerous occasions while I am controlling a position on the network I would see messages on the ATC channel to the effect of ABC_CTR closing in 5 minutes not accepting anymore handoffs! While most of the time the controller is still online controlling for over 15 minutes while not accepting handoffs and providing service to new incoming traffic. I do not understand this logic or idea behind the “not accepting anymore handoffs!â€
  7. Bryan, My opinion is that it should be by the Order 7110.65. But if we did it the way I wanted it, then everyone who flys a B747 with the Virtual President of the USA on it would have priority. There are pros and cons either way we go! We will probably keep this same policy, just define it a little more.
  8. I don't think you need a fancy GPS to navigate. Just use the ground and chart to reference.
  9. Congratulations Nick! I know you will do good work at ZSE
  10. This is good news for ZLA and VATUSA! Congratulations and well done ZLA staff and controllers! Keep up the excellent work and controlling you are doing!
  11. I'd be interested in those color profiles AJ. Send them to me.
  12. Any further questions relating to the ZAU website should be directed to the Air Traffic Manager. Thank You!
  13. VATUSA Controllers, Many of you maybe familiar with the VATSIM/MITRE Event which will take place at Chicago Saturday, January 5, 2008 from 1400-1600 CST. I am writing you to remind you to be there in support of this experiment as controllers. Although the event is centered at Chicago, it will require the cooperation of the entire division’s ARTCCs hours before and after the event. I’m asking that neighboring ARTCCs of ZAU be online for the even and the neighboring ARTCCs of ZAUs neighboring ARTCCs be online to support. The following are: ZAU Neighbors: ZMP ZKC ZID ZOB Se
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