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  1. Aircraft Select key is RMenu.(I do not have a numpad so the default option doesnt work well for me) PTT requires a complete client restart to apply.
  2. I've tried it a few ways, but as the manual states you type in the code and asel on the text comms panel, but nothing happens. Any ideas? Also I changed the Push to talk and it doesn't seem to work, the only key I can get "working" is the "~" key. I change it in the settings but it still uses the ~ key (EDIT: Requires a complete client restart for PTT change to apply).
  3. I can't seem to find it in the docomeentation, but how do I move these menus? They are middle ish of the monitor instead of hugging the right side near the comp[Mod - Happy Thoughts] rose. 1920x1080 resolution
  4. Alright so I did the Port triggering and such doesn't seem to have fixed it
  5. Will give it a whirl, isn't an issue unless VRC isn't my primary focus so didn't think it was that. I tried google searches/vatsim forum searches but I guess my searching skills are lacking. Will give that a try and see how it goes
  6. Okay so when I have Chrome/email/whatever as my primary focus VRC's voice stops working, and I have to hit my push to talk key to get it to actually work. Is there a workaround for this or am I stuck hitting my PTT every now and again for my voice to keep working?
  7. So on my crusade to get a realistic STARS scope I am having a heck of a time finding realistic settings to use with VRC. I have color profiles now that I am happy with (located in the USA forum here I believe?) and was wondering if anyone had a list of settings to use with VRC (general settings or otherwise) to up that realism a bit more? Sorry if this has been asked before, I cannot seem to locate a post with such settings.
  8. Generally this is related to an out of memory style error that doesn't crash your sim but causes issues when you minimize, change from windowed to fullscreen, etc. There are some tweaks that *supposedly* fix it like the HIGHMEM fix but I cannot personally attest to ever having the issue myself. Essentially that is an out of memory error, which doesn't surprise me with the PMDG NGX and some payware because it's pretty brutal on your system. Do you have the latest updates from their support forum? A SP1 should be out soonish which hopefully will address a few other issues.
  9. Color profile is based off of a real world controller's final approach configuration from a video I saw. If it's the S46 16C video, the colors used in the recording aren't the same as what's on the scopes. Oh well I liked it and thought it was realistic so I used it someone post their color profiles config for me! Aiming for realism and went the wrong way apparently rofl.
  10. Color profile is based off of a real world controller's final approach configuration from a video I saw.
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