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  1. Hey Ross, How hard would it be to code a Zulu clock within the vPilot window? Can it be done? Thought it would be a great idea! Thanks again for great stuff! Adrian Barnett 1037621
  2. “It” being the frequency, but i guess not since that’s still only in the VHF range.
  3. Ok, I've played around with the aircraft.cfg file a little and i've come up with my com1 at 100.000 and it shows the same on vPilot. I'd like to figure out how to get it to show HF freq as well as tune them and NOT alias them. I see VATSIM will be helping developers to get this implemented in various aircraft. I'm kind of trying to figure it out on my own with how it works. Image to show what I'm seeing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m3nmteEQrTm8kMz0bDl1CZog5xcqfyJa/view?usp=sharing Did this by adding a line in the aircraft.cfg under [Radio] ComFrequencyRange=2.002,999.998 Now
  4. Hey Ross, How does vPilot use the new HF functionality of AFV? In terms of how does it see the frequency in the aircraft. Unlike FSX, P3D does simulate ComFrequencyRange=0.000-999.992 (FSX was only 118.000-137.000) basically able to simulate HF frequency tuning. I'm trying to implement HF into one of my aircraft so that it can "properly" tune the frequency and not be "aliased" to a VHF frequency. Any help would be appreciated. TIA
  5. Andreas, Any updates to the plug-in? Thanks and happy holidays, AB
  6. Ok, I've done all of this, and to me, it still looks like the original v1.0.1. But does say v1.0.2. What has changed? Other then the file structure?
  7. Unfortunately, I've tried the "updated" plug-in. To me nothing has changed. And yes, I uninstalled the original one and deleted it before installing the update. Any luck on a new link? or updating the current one?
  8. Ok, I've got it installed and working now for KZWY. Should be testing it out this week if anyone using CPDLC would like to fly thru KZWY (New York Oceanic) airspace. Ok, I've tested this out a little with a friend. Doesn't seem like position reports work for this. Or any ACARS/TELEX. =( Maybe add that stuff in? PDCs or Oceanic Clearance options would be a BIG plus to add into the plugin as well.
  9. NOW THAT SOUNDS AWSOME!!!! ESP for OCEANIC ATC!!! Jeroen, A little curious as to what became of this? I really like using CPDLC, been using it for years now! But when I'm working a congested freq and trying to work CPLDC outside of the scope, it gets overwhelming sometimes. During yesterdays Cross The Pond event, I ended up shutting down the software because it was too much to handle, having to click out of the scope, and back. Having it integrated into Euroscope (which is what I use to control KZWY- NY Oceanic as it can simulate non-radar, but can give you a solid visual of where
  10. Not quite 100%, we are still working out all the bends and kinks on the site.
  11. I wouldn't doubt it might be the same person. Which was the other ARTCC/FIR?
  12. In that case i would just program the following to make NY_FSS show up: NY_JBC_FSS (used 99.9% of the time) NY_SOA_FSS NY_GEM_FSS NY_MER_FSS
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