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  1. Then you have the people who file NATB and the NATB they are using is quite old, and much confusion is aroused. Personally I prefer if the entire NAT is in the flightplan itself.
  2. Chris, exact same as mine! *makes mental note to logon finland at some point*
  3. Jonas, das ist fantastisch aussieht! Macht sp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]!
  4. If you are looking for routes/callsigns etc, use either flightaware.com, fboweb.com, or register on this site www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/, you can request full flightplans and will be provided (if they are available of course)
  5. Hello Marcus, This is planned or AFR690 tommorow -N0467F310 ATREX UT225 VESAN UL613 SOVAT UL613 DET UN601 LESTA UP6 RODOL UM65 TENSO UL603 REMSI UP6 DIMLI/N0468F360 UP6 MIMKU DCT PIKIL/N083F360 DCT 5600N/02000W 5600N/03000W 5500N/04000W 5200N/05000W DCT CRONO/M083F360 DOTTY/N0458F380 N162B TOPPS EMJAY J174 SWL CEBEE WETRO DIW AR22 SEELO/N0453F280 AR22 JORAY HILEY2
  6. Ah, I had the email address wrong on the second PC Thanks for that
  7. Just if I try use the same AIRAC code it says its already in use by another user
  8. I use vroute primarily on my desktop computer, with up to date airac from navigraph I'd like to be able to add routes from vroute on my laptop also, the same AIRAC code does not work though. Is it possible to use the same AIRAC on 2 PC's-without paying for 2 navigraph cycles?
  9. I'm unsure what you want to achieve here, but regardless of whether your VACC is official or not, ATC will still show up the same online
  10. The LOA for Ireland states that Dublin arrivals to the south are descended to 240 level by BADSI or VATRY, and 240 level RAMOX for the UL70. Alot of pilots dont expect this and hence dont plan it so one thing leads to another.
  11. I agree! I always remember seeing poor STU's stuck on JFK_DEL for a long time, but have never seen similar situations in Europe at all!
  12. By this i mean .busy sets "busy" chat status and sends "I am busy and may not read your message" to PM's. Is it possible with another dot command to set this to a custom message e.g "Sorry I am busy and not accepting PM's at the moment...." tks
  13. (Sorry for wrong spelling of airport name) Is there any update to put UUDD into servinfo? Does not show for me
  14. Strange problem, seems to have come from no-where. Basically If I select a SID on the departure list, it either does not show on the list (remains blank) or shows a different one on the list. It does insert it in the flightplan correctly though. Same goes for STARs. very wierd. Have reinstalled euroscope, no change. Dont think its the sector/ese files either, as I control in a few countries and is same throughout all of them!
  15. I'm still confused! Is it the format on the right hand side I should use here? It still does not enter into vroute if I try it this way, just sees them as airways...
  16. Guys, what is the accepted entry of lat/long co-ordanates. Many of the combinations I try dont work (It reads it as an airway) For example, how could I enter 74N136W or similar thanks
  17. Thought Calum meant something else, disregard
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